Posts about Karmic Palmistry written by Pirate Palmist. Karmic Palmistry. Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: palmist geelong, palmist melbourne, palmistry, palmistry lines, plasmistry ebook. According to Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, a book by Jon Saint-Germain, the presence of the letter M on your.

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Difference in Hands – Palmistry. Is the right hand significantly different from the left?

Cris added it Sep 05, Sympathy lines 16 give a person a kkarmic, understanding outlook. The message will be read by fingers held rigidly and thumbs curled in closely to thumb. Indian and Western view regarding dreams.

The Life Line 1 The life line is the line that wraps around the thumb and ends at the wrist.

Jessica marked it palmistrj to-read Oct 12, The Heart Line 3 The heart line is a very interesting line, because most people want to know about their romantic prospects. Decoding the Fame line in Palmistry. I have read other book on palmistry too but this was non technical and I would say “reader’s friendly”.

Hand Line – Decode Your Karmic Debt in Lines of Hand

The fire hand is usually hot to the touch. Move on to finger length and mounts, then lastly, the lines. Karmic Palmistry E xplore past lives, discover soul mates and spirit guides, and gain insight into your karmic potential with the help of Karmic Palmistry.


Collect several hand prints before you get started, and notice the amazing variety of different hand types. Great heroes and spiritual leaders, such as the Buddha, have been recognized though palmistry. Water types tend to be moody, and at times their external appearance is completely at odds with the internal reality. Relationship Energy If we are very fortunate and wise enough to open to it and see its value, something comes into our lives completely unbidden and changes us forever by giving us purpose and direction.

Hand Line – Decode Your Karmic Debt in Lines of Hand

At birth, both of your palms are very similar, representing your genetic and karmic potentials. Mysticism of the Unseen. Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet W. Then, start learning the shapes of the hand as discussed below.

Many people use the term karma without truly understanding what it means. The tail does not wag the dog. Any upward branches from it merging with the Line of Apollo indicates wealth and honour; but if kkarmic off-shoots cut the Line of Apollo it indicates disgrace and loss of wealth.


This line is interpreted by many palmists as sister line to Line of Heart and as such stands for emotions. They love change and variety, and become easily bored with tedious work. Crystal Healing for Animals. Your fingers reveal how you approach the world around you. By our good deeds, actions right planning. My system is simple and palmistdy to remember.

My system is simple and easy to remember.

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If it is cut by a line on the Mount of Saturn, it indicates loss of wealth. The heart line shows where he had one attachment in his life that went out and where there will be two others.

A star on the Girdle of Venus is indicative of venereal diseases. Stacy marked it as to-read Nov 30, Other factors in the hand which add to intuitive or psychic powers are 1.