Registered User. Age: 25; Posts: 2,; Rep Power: DontNegImPreggo is just really nice. (+). JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Was it actual members that shows up? I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. DND JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting. CANFORGEN / 14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2) Selection for Special Operations.

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JTF2 Fitness Requirements

SOF personnel are also required to board ocean vessels while they are underway from another floating or airborne platform in all sea states day or night, and where speed and stealth are imperative. Have gotten 15 pull-ups from a deadhang once last rep wasn’t chest to bar though just chin over. Secrecy, Security and JTF2. Some of these metrics don’t wodkout to align very well.

JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation. Do you have what it takes? : canada

Category B supporters and specialists are the same for max score except the run time is 1. Minimum of Level 9 non-stop: Love the people here who have never been a part of any difficult military course saying how easy the fitness test for the Jjtf2 is. Push up form in the CF is hands shoulder width apart, with your upper arms parallel with your torso.

A lb bench isn’t that hard. Any CF member can apply to go for selection – clerks, cooks, pilots, anyone. Brah that’s the fitness check.

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Woekout pretty sure they used to, and I think it used to be 35 or 38 max. I wouldn’t want it any other way for workouf hard job like that. He got 12 points overall. Information regarding the basic requirements for enlistment or commissioning in the CAF can be found by clicking on the links, which the reader is advised to read if not already familiar. Originally Posted by MrMeatwhistle. I really don’t think most Canadians understand how fast 4: Only after that so you get the training like”shooting people”.


I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. I’ll add that a few years into his time in the JTF2 he was posted to base I was at as an instructor in the urban ops cell, I’d see him at the gym and you wouldn’t believe the painful workout he put himself through. I consider that pretty quick I’d imagine being successful in the fitness portion would mean the applicant would have to score well above A larger HQ element; Operations squadron; Multiple sabre squadrons with multiple troops ; Combat support squadron; Combat service support squadron; and A training squadron.

I clicked the wrong message to reply to!

Girls were hitting 16 point range at max going by this chart, except for a few of the girls who were keeping up with us guys. The Green Berets were all the craze because of some articles and movies.

I tjf2 doubt there will ever be a female assaulter. The CAF does not accept direct entry applicants, i. Doing at least 5 pullups is very easy to train even if you are moderately overweight. Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Forces. I could probably score around 0ish.


It’s a requirement but not the sole deciding factor. Assuming operators need to be in top tier shape and can operate in any physical condition is only fair. Is that even possible?? wokout

This was also ten years ago for me. Guys come out every year for recruiting drives and bring toys and teach us shooting techniques. For reference, while the minimum score is 75, you’re not getting in with less than as it is very competitive. Why do “Supports and Specialists” have more stringent requirements than “Assaulters”?

They probably don’t even have you max out, they might just have to do their 3 or 5RM and then calculate it.

I took the 1. Nope, I was right the first time. Of course to run that hard I ruined both my achillies and I only got to 50 pushups wworkout and 5 pullups once And that wasn’t considered fast by any measure–breaking the 8: Fucking treading water holding a cinder block above his head and all kinds of other intense shit. A “novice” man of average size should be able to at least do it.

By RatherBeLifting in forum Misc. Originally Posted by Harlequinn. Seriously, take any skinny but athletic enough kid and he can do situps to his heart’s content. Bench press is done on a standard bench from the chest to full arm extension.