In one of the studios there was a speaker system, JBL something, two 15″ bass drivers, probably one . 4th midrange driver: JBL H Go to measurements. The H are not aquaplased as the H’s. How are their sonic character? I’ ve been told that JBL would have to come up with a four-inch. I’ve got a couple of JBL h drivers that I’d like to use in mid range horns. They would slot in between a JBL h L/F and a 1′ HF CD/horn.

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The simulation above assumes the acoustic center of the compression driver is some mm behind midrange driver. Recordings that had previously been “problematic” and subject for unpleasant comments to the producer, all of a sudden came to life and embarrassingly told the story of how weak a link speakers can be, how much membrane area is really needed to deliver the true dynamic of most recorded music and how much is lost in poor energy transfer. First of all, if we think measurements will tell us how a speaker sounds, we’re wrong.

I’m afraid to open the box though. It’s kind of tragic that JBL thinks so little of their products. Thank you for any input!

One afternoon I was sitting in Steve Schell’s back yard down in Long Beach having an ale and Steve had a wonderful story to tell on what they tried to do with the VOT by making it smaller.: Compartment for crossover 1223h Hypex will have to added later. Large enough and efficient enough to truly reveal what’s hidden in digital files and vinyl grooves. In my test set-up I ran the bass section from my Hypex UcD amp – with the passive crossover.


Drivers alone are some EUR.

The outer shell will be some 50 kgs, and then comes bracing, mid cabinet, crossover cabinet, Hypex cabinet, etc. You can also make one vertical rectangular port, All questions regarding purchase of kits, please mail Jantzen Audio at contact jantzen-audio. On listening to a and comparing it to a there is no comparison.

It’s probably broken in half.

21123h the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. Make sure to mirror the braces!! The pressure from the 18″ bass driver is enormous. Next a 4th order high-pass at Hz and a smooth 1st order low-pass roll-off towards 10 kHz, transcending to a 2nd order roll-off. The seller won’t accept returns for this item.

JBL 2123H 10″ 8 Ohm Midrange Audio Speaker 101 DB Sensitivity 250 Watts Cont.

Every operation takes some consideration. One layer of acoustilux laround bass driver.

But trying to find a listenable 2 way is like pulling hens teeth. Sometimes the rise in impedance can be a useful tool in reaching target roll-off profile. United States and many other countries See details. I heard the JBL at length at a hifi show in Melbourne lst week.

This listing has ended. Alternative super-tweeter, Viawave GRT What measurements certainly do not tell is the sonic signature of the speaker, because speaker cones made from polypropylene, aluminum, Kevlar, paper, glass fiber, carbon fiber, magnesium, ceramics or even diamonds all have their way of adding spices to the stew. JBL H Sonic character and use in monitors? That’s damn expensive buckshot they loadin’. This seems to work very well indeed. As said above, I’ve been seriously disappointed going back in time reviewing stuff I found great many years ago, but that unforgettable memory of the JBL system at Danish Radio some 30 years ago turned out to be valid.


Did I tell these cabs are huge? Nor do measurements tell what impact the quality of the crossover components add to the sound, from state of the art components to the cheapest of coils and caps, they all measure the same if values are correct, yet sound very different.

Above the 10NDA on the actual baffle, 65 x cm. From client work I know its larger sibling, and I liked what I heard. Sorry to hear about that, but I have been down that road with those buffoons. Speaker wiring Above the fully passive version.

Used JBL H Loudspeakers for Sale |

Good bass can be made in many ways as well as the airiness delivered by 212h3 super-tweeter in the upper octave.

Some of the design features here build on client work and one of them had a visitor claiming the sound being too dynamic! Rob, is there any ‘objective’ reason for that?

Pay with PayPal and you’re fully protected. The super-tweeter support can be made to your liking as long you stick to the center being some 223h mm above surface and tweeter faceplate mm behind front panel. And for the record, Jamie has been an absolute trooper through all of this. Don’t even think the simple passive crossover for the bass driver kills dynamics.

Which one sounded the best? Not bad at all! Measurements may give us an idea of tonal balance of a system, i. In ubl case of the 15 inch woofer it generally agreed that 1K is the max crossover point before it becomes sub optimal in terms of cone break up.