Titel: Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom Februar sowie Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ). Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ) B) Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom 7. Dezember C) the results for fiscal year are proof of this. itelligence enjoyed a record- breaking year. our figures (InvZulG – German Investment Subsidy Act) and.

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Closure of the formal investigation procedure. Name and address of the granting authority. Interruption of the limitation period. Aid not covered by the Article 32 exemption. Existing aid after prescription. Conclusion of the formal investigation procedure. Article 2 and 3 TFEU: April Bundesanzeiger Nr.

[DEU ¶] GUIDE TO GERMAN CITATIONS | Croner-i Tax and Accounting

Notice on Guarantees Land Transport with a Focus on Road Transport. Expand all Collapse all. Different types of aid covered by the Guidelines. Burden on State resources.


Publication of a notice. Territorial scope — the national regional aid maps. State aid by tax benefits. Further decisions in the telecommunications sector.

Principles of procedure burden of proof and intensity of examination. Possible measures against subsidies.

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Aid intensity and costs eligible for aid. Classification as State aid. Invzzulg examination of the notification and decisions of the Commission. Aid with social character.

Forms of guarantees caught by the Notice. Purpose of the provision. Time limit for statement. Previous group exemption regulations. Other cases of the revocation of a decision. Proposal for appropriate measures. Direct grant, Debt write-off, Interest subsidy. Staff headcount and financial thresholds determining enterprise categories.

Temporal scope of application. The incentive effect in case of aid granted at the discretion of the authorities after the start of the project start of the project before authorization, premature start of the measure without impac Publication of a report.


Aid for scouting costs. Expedited procedure and interim relief. Opening decision and further procedures. Purpose of the rule and scope of its application. Scope of the Guidelines and of special rules. Assumption of revocation of the notification. SME-aid with risk finance elements: Approval of State aid in connection with privatisations.

Fines and periodic penalty payments.