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Muslim and Islamic religion thinks that the talisman is the perfect path to save the life of a person.

A condition, anyone reads it by full guidance, then they definitely get full knowledge about kala ilm. This app illustrates “Rizq Chappar Phaar Ilj kaisay ap kay gher aye ga?

Ilm Ul Adad Encyclopaedia

Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu. Many less people have knowledge about noori ilm. Those are very different with each other.

The ruhani ilm is adar Urdu term and we think that almost people will hear this term first time. Noori ilm talisman gives full protection. Makki Madni Panj Surah.

They think that, Ilm Ul Adad is il best book of ruhani ilm because it gives a satisfactory outcome within limited time, if everyone can use it in a proper manner. Ruhani ilm is a book whereby we can get knowledge about all things. A Noori ilmis another book of Ruhani ilm that is used for a specific purpose.

It provides the noori ilm Taveez talisman of Noori ilm. It is very correct that Statistics help us to predict some things in future if and only if we know all the history of the single person. There is another book is available adaad needy people that name is Ilm Ul Adad.


Qasas ul Anbiya Urdu Islamic book. Therefore, if someone wears this talisman then any negative energy never harm that person.

Numerology is the science of numbers like Mathematics and Statistics. But on the other hand Numerology gives us knowledge of the secret things from the future of any person or any nation.

Usool-e-Ilm-e-Hindsa ebooks | Rekhta

This book has all Hindi and Muslim mantra, tantra, Yantra, black magic, love spells, totkevashikaranand Ruhani ilaz. Numerology is the knowledge of the unseen and of forecasting things. The holy Quran says that, noori ilm is the best way to find the path of heaven. We take some soul of trees or plants and invoke them in solving all problems of life in an ancient technique. Math and Statictics ka im science say hai jo aadaad kay ilm say mutaliq hai but thora bohat taluq paisheen goe say bhi hai.

Most of the people think that, that kali ilmnoori ilmand ruhani ilm all, these are same and they have the same process. This Islamic app contains the most recited Adac and Kalmaat by every Muslim. But there is a prominent difference. Dasht e Junoon Novel. Jaun Elia All Books Kulliyat.

ilm ul adad ka iencyclopedia

Ruhani ilm Read more. However, it is not true because all these are the different-different process. Therefore, someone wants to get these books and they want to solve their all problem with wdad help of these books then they can contact with Muslim specialist of ruhani ilm. Account Options Sign in. This app includes five most splendorous Quranic Surahs with Urdu translation.


It is highly related with astrology, palmistry and some other secret know ledges. Ilm e Najoom is ki rehnumaae kert hai. They will get all the process of doing kala ilm. As well that, their heart is putting the question that what is ruhani ilm and how to use it for working purpose. A very famous ikm which makes a very special place in your heart.

Therefore, this service provides the noori ilm ki kitab to get knowledge about this concept. Ruhani Ilm Ki Kitab. In the latest version 9. It has all types of ruhani ilaz for all destiny related disease.

As well as, they have their own books kitab and process. It is all concepts are based on book of the holy Quran.

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