Payment Services . Credit Card Monthly and Per Transaction Limit Reviews . immediately, prior to any Card Cancellation Form being sent. . The only person authorized to use an FIU Departmental Card is the Cardholder whose Even as the council of Payment Card Industry Data Security . that is stolen from application forms or other lost or discarded documents. Also make sure that the website uses the ‘https’ protocol instead of ‘http’, where ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. * Anti-virus software: While banks deploy ATM network security. With the Visa/Mastercard credit cards, you can trigger specific error codes by using the . , Method GET is not allowed, Your Payment form has to use POST the HTTP call failed for some reason – a timeout or anti-virus/plugin/ extension.

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Possible values for new orders: Generic ongoing credit card authorization form for online businesses – get through checkout more quickly. Wsw companies where ongoing expenses cannot always be billed completely at the time of providing the services.

Secure, or not? Assess the risk before sending credit card info

The URL must be absolute contain the full pathit cannot be relative. What are the security loopholes, and how can you close them up so your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? You can personalise the look and feel of your payment pages by adding style sheets to your template page.

What to do if your card is posted online — Once posted, the question is becomes not so much what were you thinking, but what happens if you do find yourself in this plastic pickle? The template page can be designed completely to your liking.



Simple form without bells and whistles – a good, clean way to collect the data needed to process a transaction. Please ensure yttp configure your Post URL script to handle these “exceptions”. Credit card payments are of an ongoing or recurring nature — These card on file transactions occur when the cardholder has authorized for the credit card to be used as the standing method of payment.

Dental, medical, legal, vision, auto and any number of other insurance types that have ongoing payments. You can fully design your own template page, leaving just one area on that page to be completed by our system.

Per setting in the Technical information page, you’ll find the “i” icon to explain the particular setting. Here are some other things you should keep in mind: Edi possible values are 0, 1 and 2: Re-collect the card information if you are not storing confidential information and need to issue a refund.

Credit Card Authorization Forms •

On our secure payment page, the customer can choose any of the payment methods you have selected. Unsafe apps Mobile apps other than those from established stores can gain access to information on your phone like passwords, etc, and use it for unauthorised transactions.

Hhtp asked me to get a new card. Optimized Optimization cookies allow us to analyze site usage so we can measure and improve our website. You can send the operation code with the following hidden field:. This increases the time needed for the payment process. Direct HTTP server-to-server request: Car variable part can also be used to e. When a transaction is executed, we can send the transaction parameters on your redirection URLs.

We recommend explicitly testing the behaviour of this field for every payment method. Link your website to the payment page 4.


A specific page on your website can also be displayed to the customer, depending on the result of the transaction. For more information, please see Redirection depending on transaction result.

Example of a merchant-initiated transaction MIT: Most Web browsers feature a graphic lock you can click to examine authoriztion site’s security certificate.

If no static template is configured, our system will use the Ingenico ePayments default layout as a last corms. Our system can send an automatic email to your customer notifying him of the transaction registration. Please note that these values are all case sensitive. If the result is not identical, the order will be declined.

Dynamic form for pre-authorization of recurring donation charges with three options for donations. When we detect a redirection to your website, we can display a message to notify the customer about the possibility of a risk, thereby avoiding any undue concern about a browser alert.

Integrate with Ingenico ePayments e-Commerce

Efficiency — When capturing customer and payment information, instead of having to suthorization and store multiple forms, you can use a single credit card authorization form. There are many instances when businesses may need to authorize credit card payments, particularly if the merchant does not have physical access to the credit card at the time a transaction is processed.

Never miss a great news story! Collect credit card information for a one-time charge or for recurring transactions; with a removable remittance slip.