Lorenzo Ghiberti born Lorenzo di Bartolo, was a Florentine Italian artist of the Early for sculpture in metal. His book of Commentarii contains important writing on art, as well as what may be the earliest surviving autobiography by any artist. “Finding, Fixing, and Faking in Ghiberti’s Third Commentarii,” in Inganno –The Art of Deception: Imitation, Reception, and Deceit in Early Modern Art, in S. Ghiberti’s writings, I commentarii, which include his autobiography, established him as the first modern historian of the fine arts, and bear witness to his ideal of.

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I Commentarii | work by Ghiberti |

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. See Krautheimer, Lorenzo Ghiberti, pp. The Baptism of Christ Gilded bronze S.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Opera Duomo on the silver altar of the Baptistery. There is little art-historical analysis of the subject of collecting during the late years of the Trecento and the early part of the Quattrocento.

17. LORENZO GHIBERTI I commentarii a cura di Lorenzo Bartoli 1998, 316 pp., Giunti, Firenze

Shown by the people on the right. Ghiberti’s autobiography, however, claimed that he had won, “without a single dissenting voice. According to Vasari, the white Marsyas was restored by Donatello, whereas the red Marsyas was restored by Verrocchio.


This carving could best be seen by turning the carved part against a strong light; then one may see it perfectly. Set up a giveaway. Olschki,vol. Shown on the bottom. Ghiberto statue was built from Northern Door Bronze Baptistry, Florence. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. This work was a major source for Vasari ‘s Vite. People acknowledged Solomon as a good and wise king. Vatican,vol. Gates of ParadiseBaptistery, Florence.

He undertook to tell me how the statue was found during the digging of a foundation where the houses of the Malavolti stand, and how all the experts, and those learned in the art of sculpture, the goldsmiths, and the painters ran to see this statue of such wonder and art. Pennsylvania State University Press, One particularly lively case in point is contained in a letter to Lorenzo the Magnificent from his agent Nofri Tornabuoni dated 21 Juneconcerning a potential transaction with a Roman dealer by the name of Giovanni Ciampolini.

Rustici may have been aided in his design by Leonardo da Vinciwho assisted him in the choice of his tools. It was executed with great care. Self-Portrait detail from the eastern door Bronze Baptistry, Florence. Lorenzo Bartoli, Biblioteca della scienza italiana 17 Florence: Once again, an exchange on behalf of Lorenzo the Magnificent, between Nofri Tornabuoni and Giovanni Ciampolini, provides the example of this particular kind of practice.


He was born an Israelite and his people were enslaved by people of Egypt.

Cambridge University Press, Finally, he also produced a bronze figure of St. Jacob had given Joseph a special robe, which his brothers became envious of.

It is noted by H. He knew law, philosophy, and the classics—he wrote a Latin comedy—and was interested in subjects ranging from ancient ships to cryptography. There he had removed some of the marble from it in order to send the statue more easily to our country [Florence].

These new doors would serve as a votive offering to celebrate Florence being spared from relatively recent scourges such as the Black Death in Shown at the bottom of the photo.