The Gesta Hungarorum of the Anonymous Notary of King Béla is the oldest extant The author of the Gesta, known historically as the Anonymus (always thus). The Romanians in the Anonymous Gesta Hungarorum. Truth and Fiction, Centrul de Studii Transilvane (Bibliotheca Rerum Transsilvaniae, XXXIV) Cluj-Napoca. Written between , the Gesta Hungarorum is an ingenious and imaginative historical fiction of prehistory, medieval history and contemporary social.

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Popa-Lisseanu gave the following version: And this in fact transpired later. Ma- cartney, who demonstrated that the Anonymous Notary ascribed to Tuhutum all the exploits of Gyula, because he transferred all the events to the age of Arpad. They were not subordinated to a superior hierarchy.

They belonged to the warriors who conquered Cluj. The use of this cemetery began in the second half of the 10th century and continued until the 11th century. Although excavated weapons suggest a military elite, none of the early-medieval Transylvanian fortresses uncovered can hungqrorum reliably dated before the 10th century.

The space between the Tisza and the Danube remained neu- tral, but it was conquered by Moravia in A History of Medieval Hungary, — The Volokhs were expelled in turn by hungarorrum Magyars, who “took their lands and settled geta the Slavs”.

Et adepta uictoria reuersi sunt ad ducem arpad, et hungarorkm infideles illius terre ferreis caathenis ligatos secum duxerunt. Tunc hij tres domini super uerticem eiusdem montis terram undique perspicientes, quantum humanus oculus ualet, ultra quam dici potest dilexerunt et in eodem loco paganisimo, occiso equo pinguissimo magnum aldamas fecerunt.


The Hunga- rians killed Zubur on a mountain that for this reason received his name like the place where Gelou died. Unfortunately, the piece was found in the earth that filled a later pit, not in a close context. Tunc hoto rex teuthonicorum posuit insidias iuxta renum fluuium, et cum omni robore regni sui eos inuadens: From the relation it can be inferred that Gelou was moving towards Cluj.

It was written by an unidentified author who has traditionally been called Anonymus in scholarly works.

Gesta Hungarorum – Wikipedia

Et dimissis ibi militibus sub quodam nobilissimo milite nomine eculsu se longius ire preparauerunt. The Nation Simon’s Social Theory: Tunc dux menumorout dimissa multitudine militum in castro byhor, ipse cum uxore et filia sua fugiens a facie eorum, in nemoribus ygfon habitare cepit. Et e conuerso milites congregati ex diuersis nationibus, contra usubuu et suos milites pugnare ceperunt. Et montem illum a die illo usque nunc montem turzol nominauerunt.

Geesta Tuhutum uno die silvam pertransiens ad fluvium Almas pervenit. The latter transmitted some elements of civilization, becoming a part of the Hungarian substratum, like the Slavs and the Germanics.

Gesta Hungarorum

InDimitre Onciul considered that the name of Gelou was invent- ed and, on the other hand, that the conquest of his duchy during the reign of Arpad was unlikely. The nomad masters needed sedentary subjects who could supply them with food.

Ex hinc egressi ad partes beguey peruenerunt, et ibi per duas ebdomadas permanserunt, donec omnes habitatores illius patrie a morisio usque ad fluuium temes sibi subiugauerunt, et filios eorum in obsides acceperunt. Dvm nauigassent fluuium thyscie nuntios suos ad ducem arpadium premiserunt, qui gaudia salutis nuntiarent. This form of the name is of Slavic origin. Et inde egressi contra albam Bulgarie ciuitatem equitare ceperunt.


Quod et sic factum fuit postea, nam terram Ultrasilvanam posteritas Tuhutum usque ad tem- pus sancti regis Stephani habuerunt, et diucius habuissent, si minor Gyla cum duobus filiis suis Bivia et Bucna Christiani esse voluissent et semper contrarie sancto regi non fecissent, ut in sequentibus dicetur.

This population was not Romanian. Zeit des ungarisch-slawischen Zusammenlebens — in German. Quas etiam terras posteritas eorum diduina gratia adiuuante, usque nunc habere meruerunt.

The son of Zumbor was Geula Minor, who was defeated by Stephen I, at the beginning of the 11th century. Et cum se ad inuicem uidissent gaudio gauisi sunt magno, et facto conuiuio unusquisque laudabat se ipsum de sua uictoria.

De prudentia Tuhuti Predictus vero Tuhutum vir prudentissimus, misit quendam virum astutum patrem Opaforcos Ogmand, ut furtive ambulans previderet sibi qualitatem et fertilitatem terre Ultrasilvane, et quales essent habi- tatores eius.

Because this work recorded the existence of the Romanians in Transylvania before the arrival of the Hungarian warriors, the his- torians who did not and still do not agree with the continuous presence of the Romanians in Transylvania tried to deny the credi- bility of this source, or at least of the chapters about the Geta.