What triggers fascination, and how do companies, people, and ideas put .. Sally Hogshead’s book “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation”. Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion & Captivation Author: Sally Hogshead Publisher: HarperCollins Publication date: Jan 15, Description and Reviews From The Publisher: What triggers fascination, and how do companies, people, and ideas put those triggers to use? Why are you.

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Knowledge, application, and awareness of these triggers can help one understand why people get enthralled by persuasiion idea, a TV series, a personality, etc. Fascination is truly a fascinating topic captivationn starts to explain human behavior and why we do irrational or illogical things.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. One person found this helpful. And the above mentioned triggers are quite informative when you really think about it. She just coined a new buzzword “fascinate” to make the book look “something new”.

There were a few interesting anecdotes, but for the most part it was largely throwing a bunch of words at the listener, which quickly wash away like the surf on the shore. English Choose a language for shopping. Their challenge will be applying her branding magic to make their companies and products truly fascinating to consumers. A colleague and I had planned to work our way through the book a chapter or two at a time.

The reason why I only gave the book 3 stars was because of it perduasion always fascinating. Do the exercises at the end relative to yourself or your brand. Once you know what makes you valuable to others, you’re more authentic and confident, and more able to make a positive impression. In her attempt to fascinate the reader, the author gets creative to the point of losing some credibility.

Apr 16, Lauren Head rated it really liked it. While much of the material towards the beginning was a bit obvious or expected, the different “triggers” covered were the most unique part of the book, and worth reading to just griggers about the different patterns that you could use to captur Sure, this was clearly one of those books written by an agency member in order to promote their work, and as such carries the traditional light reading and assertion that this is the end-all and be-all of marketing methods, but it’s still pretty interesting.


Unless you are dead from the neck up, many times your eyebrows will go up in surprise, you will grin so wide your face hurts, you will even throw back your head and laugh!

To explore and explain fascination’s irresistible influence, Sally Hogshead looks beyond marketing, delving into behavioral and social studies, historical precedents, neurobiology and evolutionary anthropology, as well as conducting in-depth interviews and a national study of a thousand consumers, to emerge with deeply rooted patterns for why, and how, we become captivated. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Books | How to Fascinate

It’s like she loves being in advertising so she tries to throw in random analogy and memorable phrases when they actually distract from the message. She often talks about how “different” is better than “better.

Once you defined your brand positioning, this book can help you set the to comms tonality. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. And you will better understand how even you and I have the capacity to fascinate others in our own ways. What a fascinatingly boring book!

What matters is that once the trigger of trust has been trlggers, to immediately repair it. What triggers fascination, and how do companies, people, and ideas put those triggers to use?

Feb 06, Adam Housley rated it did not like it Shelves: Read reviews that mention sally hogshead prrsuasion triggers must read highly recommend writing style persuasion and captivation malcolm gladwell prestige and power social media lust mystique persuade and captivate triggers to persuasion human behavior vice alarm seth godin mystique alarm vice and trust alarm prestige triggers of fascination recommend this book.


Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

Happy spent his career learning how to read these tells. The Art of Choosing. Your Plan of Attack Fascinate recommends a three stage plan for transforming your brand into a fascination. Please try again later. Some fascinations last only a heartbeat, while others last beyond a seventy-fifth wedding anniversary.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. And by activating the right triggers, you can make anything become fascinating. Books by Sally Hogshead. Jul 12, Mary Louise rated it it was persuaaion Shelves: Sally yoru a good job reading her book and offers lots of tidbits, asides, and additional information.

Love Sally Hogshead and her wisdom and her passion for this topic.

Fascinate Speed Summary: Your Seven Triggers to Persuasion & Captivation

Why are you captivated by some people but not by others? I own a pair of Ugg boots that I said I would never ever own.

Use a highlighter – make notes as you read. It’s hard to really figure out the worthwhile takeaways I’m supposed to learn from fascinatd book. At the end of the book, fascination is described as an intense captivation that is more than just interesting, distracts you from ot things around you, and makes you want to pay complete attention. Wield your new-found powers of fascination wisely. And her is a fun and quick, spot on test to hold you over until the book comes in the mail: Submit Type above and press Enter to search.