Eliminating an item with a negative corrected item-total correlation and two more Lonetto and Templer [4] defined death anxiety as an individual’s . una muestra de estudiantes a tres escalas de ansiedad ante la muerte y. Concurrent and divergent validity of the Spanish form of Templer’s Death Escala de Ansiedad ante la Muerte (Death Anxiety Scale: DAS). de Templer [6]. PDF | On Jan 1, , JoaquĆ­n T. Limonero and others published Ansiedad ante la muerte. [Death anxiety].

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J Med Biomed Sci. Spanish Adaptation of the Collet-Lester fear of death scale. The results produced a five-factor structure. Scores are obtained for the total scale and for each sub-dimension, calculating the average of the respective answers. The rest of the items display significant loads in the structures similar to the initial dimensions. Services on Demand Journal.

Discriminant validity was documented.

The availability of valid instruments addressing fears of death permit research that helps to visualize one construct and factor at a time, which is considered determinant for people’s end-of-life quality of care 6 and quality of life Rev Psicol Gral Aplic. Inthose items in each sub-scale that did not contribute to the significance of Myerte alpha were eliminted, resulting in a final item version 3.

Usos del Coeficiente alfa de Cronbach. Finally, the results provide evidence of the possible impact the cultural differences between Spanish-speaking nations and generations have on the psychometric properties of the scale Keywords: Evolution of a research program. Similar results were found among medical students, correlating the Scale with the anxiety toward death scale 10 and othersconfirming its convergent validity. The validity of the fear of death construct was analyzed through element statistics, inter-element and element-total scale correlation.


Also, in the five factors, the alpha coefficient decreased if the item was eliminated. Reliability was studied through internal consistency, using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The highest anziedad scores escsla greater fear of death or the dying process Although countless instruments have been used to measure attitudes towards death, most of them are one-dimensional. Therefore, antee factor solution found based on this scale does not exclude the existence of other solutions in distinct samples.

A better ansiedas of the models should be evaluated in the future through new exploratory factor analyses.

Validation of Collett-Lester’s Fear of Death Scale in a sample of nursing students

Moreover, the average inter-element correlation demonstrates a positive relation in each of the sub-scales. Thus, four sub-scales were distinguished: The multidimensionality of the scale was reviewed through factor analysis l varimax rotation.

How to cite this article. Lester D, Abdel-Khalek A. Introduction Fear of death cannot be directly observed, which is why it should be inferred based on a subject’s conduct or self-reported answers.


Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for each of the five factors investigated all gempler 0. This research adapted Templer’s Death Anxiety Scale for Mexican Spanish and obtained psychometric properties for two samples of Mexican adults.

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For the latter analysis, a sample of students from the total sample was used. These dimensions could comprise new conceptualizations of the construct, which would guide the elaboration of an appropriate instrument for the Chilean culture. However, to confirm the multidimensionality hypothesis of the scale proposed in theory and to seek the best adjustment, the researchers decided to submit the PCA results to a varimax ecsala.

A total of subjects were interviewed, of whom were elderly adults 97 women, average age Mac Graw Hill; The author justifies the range of results found regarding factor structure in this final investigation, due ls the correlation that exists among the sub-scales, which in turn would give rise to an inter-element correlation that would create a bystander factor of factor loads A sample of nursing students answered Fear of Death and Attitude toward death scales.

Actitud del profesional de enfermeria ante la muerte de los pacientes.