Study these adaptive flashcards online, or in our iPhone or Android app, using spaced Sample Decks: Important Dates, Questions . #7 Study Guide/epme. The E-PME Study Guide is based on training and education solutions E-PME Study Guide will mirror the development of Performance. EPME STUDY GUIDE. Description. E Total Cards. Subject. Other. Level. Professional. Created. 07/25/ Click here to study/print these flashcards.

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Navy ships were employed jointly under Coast Guard Command.

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E-6 Epme Flashcard Maker: Richard Hill Cards —. Yes, a special employee review Evaluating a Subordinate A seaman apprentice has been in the Coast Guard for 18 months and it’s the last day of February.

Vinc H’urt Cards —. Anatomie – les muscles, Anatomie. Enlisted Achievements Inthe first enlisted woman is assigned to an Officer-in-Charge afloat billet, who was she? Established Missions Members of what part time force perform the same tasks as active duty personnel? Established Missions To help rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal lifesaving service was initiated in what year? Training and Class C Schools T or F Requests for resident courses must be formally submitted by your immediate supervisor?

Armed Conflicts During World War 1, only two ships were lost through enemy action. Counseling a Subordinate The evaluee is counseled after who has reviewed the the employee evaluation?

Jerem Perrin Cards —. To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. Stress Management Interventions T or F Avoiding eating breakfast to avoid revving up your nerve fiber is an effective stress management technique? Documenting a Performance T or F An important aspect of the review is that it provides a road map for future improvement?


Marking Offical Supervisor’s Responsibility The supervisor must route the completed employee review to the next level of the rating chain no later than how many days prior to the period ending date? Armed Conflicts During the Civil War, Coast Guard cutters in the Navy’s service performed blockade duty, but were not involved in what tasks? Awarded non-judicial punishment NJPconvicted at court-martial CMconvicted in civil court, or financially irresponsible?

Armed Conflicts On what date were select reserve members called to active duty involuntarily in support of Operation Desert Shield, marking the first time in the Coast Guard Reserve’s 50 year history that involuntary overseas mobilization occurred? Suicide Interventions T or F Your willingness to talk openly about suicide can cause the person to “clam up”? sfudy

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Armed Conflicts During the War ofwhich cutter was run ashore on Long Island during an attack by the British Brig Dispatch and was finally captured? Counseling a Subordinate Counseling must take place no later than how many days following the employee review period ending date?

Test 56, Test Scott Sattler Cards —. Armed Conflicts What was the name of the Captain of the Surveyor, who received a letter of praise from the captain of the British frigate Narcissis during the War of ?

Operation Enduring Freedom Armed Conflicts In support of what operation did the Coast Guard see it’s largest overseas deployment in support of military operations since the Vietnam Conflict? Armed Conflicts In support for what operation did 8 foot Island Class patorl boats and four PSUs comprised of about 1, Coast Guard men and women deploy by the end of ?


Is a review required and if so what type? Simon Corbin 28 Cards —. Brian Johnson 1, Cards —.

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The Cutter Surveyor Armed Conflicts What was the name of the Captain of the Surveyor, who received a letter of praise from the captain of the British frigate Narcissis during the War of ? People You Fuide Know.

Jessie John 37 Cards —.

T mitc 35 Cards —. Suicide Interventions T or F Asking open ended questions is one sstudy of getting a person to talk more freely? Armed Conflicts During what war was the entire Coast Guard manpower, vessels, and units transferred to the Navy in April to fight overseas? Armed Conflicts induring World War 2, which cutter sank an enemy submarine by ramming it, and causing severe damage gyide itself?

False Suicide Interventions T or F If a person laughingly mentions a way of escaping his problems is to leave this world, you have no need to worry since he’s just joking?

Organizational Structure What is the Commandant? Unsatisfactory Conduct Documenting a Performance T or F Supporting documentation is required for recommended marks of 1, 3, or 7? Don Morrison Cards —.