For laboratory sieves, sieve shakers & other sieving equipment, Endecotts is your company of choice. Quality manufacturer since Endecotts are the world leading manufacturer of quality laboratory test sieves, sieve shakers and related equipment. Major Industries using Test Sieves. Each Endecotts sieve is individually made under the most stringent quality control procedures using only the finest materials .

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They are manufactured in accordance with ISO Perforated Plate Sieves Microplate Sieves Endecotts manufacture a wide range of perforated plate sieves for the many industries that require them. Open the catalog to page 9.

Perforated plate sieves can be supplied in frame materials of brass or stainless steel. Open the catalog to page 7. Open the catalog to page 8. These are available in diameters ofor mm and 3″, 8″ or 12″ with the complete range of woven wire mesh or perforated plate sieving media.

In fact there can be some very important differences that may affect the results, performance or life of the sieve. Endecotts are the proud licensee of the British Standard Kitemark for the manufacture of Certified and Calibrated test sieves to: No matter whether it is a standard test sieve or a sieve engineered for a particular application, e.

A comprehensive range of sieve shakers for particle sizes from 5um to mm, with max amplitude of 3mm, max speed of 55rpm, with analogue or digital control, electromagnetic, electromagnetic 3D, dispersion by air jet or sonic energy pulsing sieving motions from Endecotts. Open the catalog to page 6. Control Analogue 1 Digital 5? Endecottz quotation for preventative maintenance Help siwves faulty equipment Type of equipment: The Minor has been developed and manufactured to combine low cost with the benefits of a well-designed and engineered shaker.


Endecotts Sieve Shakers and Test Sieves

Endecotts shakers are suitable for all applications and comply with national and international standards. Over 70 years manufacturing experience give Endecotts an enviable endectots for quality and accuracy. The wire cloth is checked at every sievds of manufacture with optical measuring instruments. They are manufactured with brass or stainless steel frames of 8″ or mm and fitted with round hole, stainless steel perforated plate.

Endecotts Precision Test Sieves Manufactured to exceptional standards of quality Each Endecotts sieve is individually made under the most stringent quality control procedures using only the finest materials.

Aperture sizes range from mm to 4 mm in square hole and mm to 1 mm in round hole. Endecotts Precision Test Sieves What to look for in a precision test sieve Sieves can often look alike, but take a closer look and you will find they are not all the same. Perforated plate sieves are available to every national endeecotts international standard. For easy sample handling throughout the entire sieving operation, Endecotts also supply The final inspection is a precision measurement of apertures, and sieve frame dimensions.

New range of Endecotts sieve shakers from Wolflabs Product update New sieve shakers from Endecotts have been added. Endecotts Precision Test Sieves Coffee Sieves Diamond Sieves These sieves are specially designed for the coffee industry and used for grading coffee beans.

Careful consideration has gone into the design to ensure the correct movement of the sample across the sieve apertures. Endecotts have developed a wide range of shakers suitable for all types of sieving and samples.

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A digital display as well as a quick-release clamping system make operation very easy and straightforward. They are available in mm diameter brass Certificate of Registration FM is available upon request or on Endecotts website. Introduction Endecotts Minor sieve shaker from Wolflabs. Endeoctts height options are also available. Grain Sieves Endecotts Grain Sieves are specially manufactured to meet They are used by Government Intervention Boards and endecots organisations worldwide for testing grains and cere- als.

Woven Wire Sieves

Sieving motion Dispersion by air jet 1 Electromagentic 3D 3 Electromagnetic 1 Sonic energy pulsing 1? It incorporates many features usually found only on larger, more expensive models.

Its electromagnetic drive combined with a 3D sieving motion ensures excellent separation efficiency in a short amount of time.

Open the catalog to page 4. A complete range is available in standard measurements.

Gaia Science – Indonesia

Endecotts are the enfecotts leading manufacturer of quality laboratory test sieves, sieve shakers, filters and related laboratory equipment. They can be supplied as a single wndecotts or as a set. Introduction Endecotts Octagon sieve shaker from Wolflabs. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Go Back Thank you for your enquiry We will review your enquiry and contact you in due course. Other materials and sizes Alternatively call our Service Team on and select option 3.

The x mm sieves are made entirely of stainless steel and are strong, durable and anti- corrosive. Open the catalog to page 3.