El Chorruelo. Bulerías. Paco de Lucía. Luzía 1/2. = Standard tuning x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 4. 2. 6. 0. (0). 5. 3. 3. 6. 5. 5. (5). 3. 5. 5. 3. 3. El Chorruelo. Bulerías Paco de Lucía Luzía Standard tuning. = x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 0 (0) 6 6 5 5 (5) 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 3 3 5 7 5.

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And we could never learn from your Youtube Videos. NUTS Crazy mathematical analyses excessive bla bla bla and just 14 lines poor concluding remarks. Sure, it is not as good as having a teacher LIVE sitting infront of you and hit on your fingers whenever you do something wrong.

Yo acepto que usted es un muy buen tocaor y una fuente enorme de informacion flamenca. For example you could have never reached us without internet and may only be teaching few people from Toronto. Anyways, one disadvantage of internet is that people don’t sit face to face to talk about a subject and that could create a lot of misunderstanding.

The technique of the language, chorruuelo the other hand, is something that belongs to all who can understand it sorry, what do you mean? I can assure luciaa and others that may read this thread that Adam del Monte and Richard Marlow Ricardo are indeed both “Bonafide teachers” of flamenco guitar.

Flamenco Guitar Royal Conservatory of Toronto Ruben Diaz Official Website

Tall trees catch a lot of wind! A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas. Creo que su habilidad como guitarrista y el hecho de conocer a Paco de Lucia personalmente se le ha subido a la cabeza I admire both and many others. Vicente Amigo is Ottmar Liebert? For example, now that we spoke of Paco and Diego: Isn’t that the goal of every musician Amateur or Pro, doesn’t matter?


I think what he meant was that technique fhorruelo not everything. chorfuelo

Download Section / Paco de Lucia Repertoire

Paco es mi dios de la guitarra pucia, pero no es el unico guitarrista flamenco y no es el unico que ha aportado al arte del Flamenco.

But to get the best results, everybody should learn as much as one can from as many teachers or better said: And i don’t think that “taste” and “knowledge” should be seperated in Music. So what is wrong about learning from different teachers, combine things, techniques, combine Styles and finally ADD a little bit of own personality and Style?

Would this game have any value? Why can’t we just teach, play or share our views from our favourite guitarists without runing others directly or indirectly down? Guests can read most posts but if you want to participate click here to register.

Gerardo Nunez is a Joke? But if we all do that, we will be simply cheap Copies of Paco. One characteristic of a good teacher is also the quality of what he says. There are many things that justify being called “flamenco”. Skilled players are often not good in teaching.

On the other hand, you sometimes see some players playing a piece, which at first seams to be easy to play. I’ve deleted my posts because some of you perhaps will use mr. I have a feeling I know who you think is the most bonafide is.

Obviously, the harder they come sl harder they fall.

But after few years of beeing deeply in to flamenco, you create some knowledge and a feeling for what is 1 flamenco and what not 2 what is correct and good technique and what not 3 who could be a good teacher and who notetc. It was NOT my intention to disrespect you but i was a little bit offended as i felt that there is some disrespect going on here to other good guitarists and also because i am huge fan of Diego. Users viewing this topic: Iran living in Germany.


Where do we start to define what good or bad is? What shall i do now? Hey Ruben, When you say things in this way it makes it very clear that you yourself feel that some of the teachers and online resources mentioned by Arash are not “Bonafide.

Remember flamenco guitar is not all about technique, virtuosity and innovation. I am highly interested to try to learn what you are teaching and to follow instructions without discussing about any technical aspects, just listen and learn.

For example the first part is absolutely correct.

Rubin Diaz Lessons

Hi Ruben, Some of us lesser mortals want to play the guitar as a means of relaxation, for enjoyment, or for the occassional challenge and not as a means of self-flagellation. Do you know what i mean?

I would find it a real pitty if we would exclude some guitarists or Styles from beeing good, only because we have an own personal favourite.

Socrates once said, “I know you won’t believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others. I respect a good player, especially when they interact in our forum Then, you realize that it is not easy at all, IF you want to play it with that specific Aire and Vibe!!!

I think that would be a real disrespect no? So in that stage, almost everyone could “teach” you and you won’t find out what is good or bad habbit. Welcome to one of the most active flamenco sites on the Internet.