), the first issue of Bulgarski bukvar by Kaliandzh ( Odessa, ) Bukvar / sŭstaven ot P. K. i S. T. Bobrikov, Georgiĭ Ivanovich, b. uPKBEHO-CnOBEHCKT4 ‘ EiSZI(E}AP & { 3A III PA3PEA ocHoBHr4X HAPOAHHX IIIKOJIA CPE,\ilCKI4 KAP,IOBI-(I4 1 l’i3fl AtbE CPnCXE. EDUKA – IV Citanka · EDUKA – IV Citanka | SRPSKI – KNJIŽEVNOST | From – July 4, AM . 01 – Bukvar – Kreativni Centar.

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He leads the journalistic section, and the author is also the editor-in-chief of the school list, “Osnovac”.

Broadcast of the chess tournament 2017

In hiding others, we also learn, Creative teacher. Permanentno razvija svoje profesionalne kompetencije. In Zmaj edukw completed his medical studies, so he returned to Novi Sad, where he began his medical practice. She is buvar devoted to her job, serious and valuable, creative and tireless. Kao nastavnica biologije postigla je da spoji dve svoje velike ljubavi-prema prirodi i prema radu sa decom.

How do I publish content on my topic? She makes effort in participating in a lot of activities. Company Media Kit Contact Scoop. Learn more about the different options. We’ll suggest content based on your keywords.

For those who can not eduia us, we have also enabled the broadcast and you can follow it on the site of the Chess Federation of Serbia. He publishes the best practice lessons in methodical journals School Time of Serbian Language and Literature, Methodological Bukarand some of the works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools” and “Digital Time”.


She sticks to the adverb: Learn more about the different existing integrations and their benefits.

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Also, there are no prizes in Republic competitions, and one of the award-winning sites is M and on the net. DKC Majdan Audio bajke. She also published works in the proceedings of the Republic seminars, many of which were created as a result of teamwork with buivar from Serbia.

Na Elektronskom fakuktetu radi kao Docent za oblast matematika i tremutno obavlja duznost direktora Zavoda za vrednovanje kvaliteta obrazovanja i vaspitanja.

His disciples say that he is persistent, professional and evuka. Pesme za decu Desanke Maksimovic: She is very creative, positive, innovative, motivated for work, she cherishes collective spirit and cooperation, she is a team player, she likes exploring, she gladly accepts challenged, she is persistent and always smiling.

He is the author of sites on the teaching of physics for material school and gymnasium. Gordana radoznala, via site Slideshare. It is particularly committed to educating children and parents about the safe use of the Internet.

O njenom odeljenju snimljena je emisija na temu inkluzivnog obrazovanja, prva na tu temu u Srbiji.

Prizes in competitions are not absent, and participating in numerous competitions, Gordana teacher motivates and inspires children to work and creativity, and influences talented children to progress and learn more. She has been working in an undivided school for thirteen years. This organizational solution buvkar contributed to the equal involvement of students in various activities contests, festivals exhibitions, virtual trips and the companionship with their peers.


The mode of operation is diverse, it implements group and teamwork. A large number of his humorous and children’s poems, printed in various newspapers and magazines was published in buovar editions of overall works: TV, DVD, video bim, library, billboards, puppet show houses She has been teaching children for a considerable amount of time that history can be learnt in a modern way by the use of new technologies.

The coordinator is a winter and summer school for gifted children working on the NTC system learning in New Belgrade.

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Develops a positive competitive spirit among children and teaches them to help each other. Pevanija and The second pevanija.

This is way for students to make progress according to their abilities. Moreover, each class has its edhka Google classroom as well, serving as the support for students in individual and group work or in doing homework on the Internet.

She is considered to be a good organizer of activities. U nastavi koristi gestovni govor i Brajevu azbuku.

She is the winner of more awards: Through his classes, he tries to establish an interspecific and inter-subject correlation. The material is presented to children in an interesting way so that it is easier and more to learn.

In the first years, students were running a half-marathon, while in they face the greatest challenge-marathon.