Diadynamic therapy is a type of electrotherapy which uses certain parameters of electric current: sine-wave current at the frequency of 50– Hz. The current is. Didynamic Currents. It is basically a variation of sinusoidal currents. Sinusoidal currents are alternating low frequency currents, having frequency of 50 Hz and. Diadynamic current MF. Diadynamic currents are unidirectional currents, what’s more, until recently, they were applied with the superposition.

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Therapeutic Exercise The long term goal is to return the injured athlete to practice or competition as quickly and safely.

It is used for the initial treatment and before application of other currents. It has a long-lasting analgesic effect. If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source. Connective tissue trauma [Ligament sprains Phantom pain.

If several nerves roots are involved, the electrodes may be applied alongside the spine at the highest and lowest nerve root levels. It is used for treatment of pain without muscle spasm. Daily or every other day for 12 sessions.

This practice is as old as medicine itself. Shockwave therapy — contraindications. This can be over come by short period of application or reversible fiadynamic polarity. Auth with social network: Typical indications for use include a wide range of clinical problems where high voltage may be applied alone or in combination with other modalities.


The utilisation of transcutaneous nerve stimulation in postoperative ileus. While carrying out treatment with the application of diadynamic currents we should be aware of the fact that they are unipolar currents.

Direct Currents Characterized by a continuous flow diadynamlc electrons in one direction Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons. Muscle re-education Increase local circulation. CP and LP are used to prevent accommodation.

In the diagram below, MF is a half wave rectification which will deliver 50 curernt per second, delivering 10ms pulses with a 10ms interval. Diadynamic currents are mixed currents, which use effects of the concurrent application of galvanic and faraday, or other impulse-like currents.

Diwdynamic and application Impact of diadynamic currents: Is used for open wounds, burns and over scar tissue. The patient feels a prickling sensation, which subsides after a short time.

Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Direct Currents Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons in one direction Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Diadynamic currents

Home areas of physiotherapy Diadynamuc Diadynamic currents. Download ppt “Diadynamic Current Dr. In the treatment of pain syndromes, a particular sequence is recommended:. Vasotropic Application Along the vascular paths affected the circulatory disorders being treated.

DIADYNAMIC CURRENT. – ppt video online download

Electrical Agents Chapter 5. Most people consider it to be consideraably more uncomfortable than other forms of electrical stimulation like TENS and this is attributed to the long duration of the ‘pulses’.


Home areas of physiotherapy All Electrotherapy Laser therapy Magnetotherapy physio veterinary medicine Shock wave therapy Ultrasound therapy. The current with predominantly inhibitory effect has the frequency Hz, current with frequency 50 Hz acts rather dynamogenically, i. It should be increased gradually until definite vibration or diadtnamic sensation occurs. Share buttons are a little bit lower. In order to elicit vascular reaction also the following sequence may be applied: Abrupt changes between the tensing MF current and relaxing DF current.

Basic Principles of Electricity Jennifer L. Resources Courses A wide range of Electrotherapy Courses are delivered throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide with varying content, aims and duration.

Diadynamic Therapy

Skin damage is due to electrochemical changes and changes in the pH value of the skin. The resulting monophasic pulses have a duration of 10 msec milliseconds.

Most standard electrotherapy texts cover this therapy in a very superficial way, and diadunamic considerable proportion of the literature is not easily available in English – no reason why it should be curtent but it means that I have difficulty accessing it!!!

Registration Forgot your password? The rate of injury or tissue deformation. Some key reference materials are copied below for your information. MF current with the frequency of 50 Hz causes hypertonia.