Defense Style Questionnaire (DSQ) is a self-report instrument designed to measure defense mechanisms. Although commonly used, the. J Nerv Ment Dis. Feb;(2) Psychometric properties of the defense style questionnaire (DSQ) in adolescents. Ruuttu T(1), Pelkonen M, Holi M. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , H Chabrol and others published Validity study of DSQ (Defense Style Questionnaire. The item version).

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The shortage of studies using the DSQ in early adolescents indicate the need for further exploration of the appropriateness of the use of DSQ for this age group Cramer, Our results indicate that the DSQ is appropriate for use in late childhood.

Our study supports previous findings indicating links between defense mechanisms and adjustment problems, anxiety e. Current research on interpersonal acceptance pp.

Peer victimization and attitudes about violence during early adolescence. The relation of choice of ego mechanisms of defense to adult adjustment.

The exploration of the psychometric properties of the relevant scales in young age samples is limited and defenwe reported in the discrimination between clinical and non-clinical samples. In bold we present meaningful factor loadings i.

Next, we examined the scree plot as proposed by Cattell as a graphical method for determining the number of factors. However, none of these versions has been used widely. The findings supported styel four-factor solution as most adequate for our data Table 1. The defense mechanisms of homophobic defejse males: The Defense Style Questionnaire. The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Archives of General Psychiatry24 2— Table 4 presents the correlation coefficients between each of qusetionnaire four DSQ defense styles.


Theoretical hierarchy of adaptive ego mechanisms: Developmental Psychology47— Overall, this study supports the appropriateness of the use of the DSQ in early adolescence and provides important evidence to support the link of defense mechanisms with parental acceptance, psychological adjustment issues both in the form of ivolvement in bullying behaviours and impaired well-being as well as gender and age differences in the use of specific mechanisms.

Defense Style Questionnaire

Suppression matureand autistic-fantasy immature. Theoretical considerations, research findings, and clinical implications pp. Psychoanalysis and the growth of the personality. Boys appear to use more mature and image-distorting defense mechanisms than girls.

DSQ comprises of 40 items in a refense Likert format that derive scores for 20 defense mechanisms, two items for each. I live more of my life in my dreams than in real life [instead of: The first factor consisted of three mature defenses: In the second analysis, we entered again the Immature, Mature, Image-distorting and Neurotic factors as predictor variables and Bullying as predicting variable.

This finding implies that the odds ratios of these predictors. Archives of General Psychiatry46 5— Her main research interests cover aspects of decision-making under risk and personality.

Defense Style Questionnaire

Anna Freudp. There is someone I know who can do anything and dq is absolutely just and fair. The authors have no funding to report. To our knowledge, this is the first study exploring the psychometric properties of the DSQ in an early-aged sample. Social and Behavioral Sciences5— When I have to face a difficult situation, I try to imagine what it will be like and plan ways to cope with it.

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I often find myself being very nice to people who by all rights I should be angry at. Lastly, we considered the interpretability of dsfense results by examining the factor pattern loadings Table 2.

Psychometric properties of the defense style questionnaire (DSQ-40) in adolescents.

Bond suggests personal communication the use of the DSQ in late childhood and adolescence simply pointing out the need for some items to be appropriately reworded. In the present study, valid and widely used instruments provide evidence for the appropriateness of the adult version of the DSQ for use in late childhood-early adolescents.

Please review our privacy policy. Permission to conduct the research was granted by the Greek Ministry of Education. Is defense style associated with unstable self-esteem? Second, we examined the eigenvalues. We presumed correlated latent factors. A psychodynamic perspective of workplace bullying: Journal of Youth and Adolescence29 3— The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, — Archives of General Psychiatry43 3— Not having reached abstract thinking at this particular age possibly restricts the development of complex defense mechanisms.

The first had a double loading on two factors with loadings of.

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