DECRETO 3715 DE 1986 PDF

along toher synonym Decreto De Pdf Download donnee periodiques network gaming along toher synonym Rapture Book. de Presupuestos del Sector Público para el año ; Ley , que Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, y el Decreto 3, PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AZERBAIJAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF OIL & INDUSTRY (ASUOI). 1, MALAWI. con lo dispuesto en el artículo 17 del Decreto Distrital. de B. H. M. G. P. G. IJZ. 6. IKV 9. IKX 3. IK. Z IM. K.

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Business Activities of Foreign Enterprises Chapter 4. Need more search options? United Kingdom United Kingdom.

Article 7 exempts certain workers from coverage of the Act, including the physically and mentally handicapped and “other workers to whom it is recognized as inappropriate to apply deceto minimum wage. Includes awareness raising and education measures as well as the dcreto of facilities for victims of sexual assault. Constitutional Court Act, It includes a requirement of equal pay for equal-value work. Inter alia provides for minimum wage of minors, minimum wage of contract workers, criteria for exlusion from application of minimum wage, as well as some related matters.

Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland number of In particular, article 15 deals with Marine Safety Management in which the Government is obliged to draft and implement policies on the marine safety management, such as developing the marine safety technologies, improving the marine transportation environment, securing the safety of the ships, and establishing systems, etc.

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the protection of workers’ health and promotion of their welfare by strengthening the prevention of pneumoconiosis and health management for workers engaged in dust work, and by providing for matters concerning the payment of consolation benefits to workers suffering from pneumoconiosis and their bereaved family members. Prescribes matters delegated by the Act on Prohibition of Age Discrimination in Employment and Aged Employment Promotion and those necessary for the enforcement thereof.


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Available in English, consolidated. Sets forth qualifications, code of conduct, disciplinary matters, and training for certified labour affairs consultants labour inspectors. This Decree establishes an economic zone of the People’s Republic of Korea of nautical miles measured from the baselines of the territorial seaor the median line of waters where waters cannot be delimited at nautical miles. The purpose of the Act is to facilitate independent, self-supportive, and autonomous activities of cooperatives and so contribute to social integration and balanced development of the national economy by providing for basic matters regarding the establishment and operation of cooperatives.

It requires the Minister of Labour in collaboration with the Minimum Wage Council, by November 30 of each year, to determine the minimum wage for each category of industry and each classification of worker therein.

The Economy, Chapter X: Provisions concerning applicable legislation Part III. Local Autonomy, Chapter IX: National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Employers hiring the disabled above this rate shall receive an allowance; those falling below shall pay a levy. These regulations have been adopted to govern the establishment of resident representative offices of the foreign business in the country.

Provides for the promotion of employment of physically or mentally disabled workers.

Deter sido rectificado o Decreto-Lei n. The purpose of this Act is to contribute to women’s economic self-reliance and self-realization and the sustainable development of the national economy by promoting the economic activities of career-break women, etc.


Would you like to keep them? Act on the Prevention of Pneumoconiosis and Protection, etc.

Criminal Procedure Act Act No. The purpose of this Act is to prescribe matters including, but not limited to, the institutionalized registration and disclosure of the property of public officials and candidates for public offices, the regulation of property acquisition, reporting of gifts by pubic officials who take advantage of their public office, and restriction of employment of retired public officials, all intended to 3175 prevent them from accumulating unlawful property while securing the fairness in the execution of their official duties in order to establish the ethics of public officials as servants of the people art.

Includes an Administrative Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement on social security. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

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It also creates a fund to help pneumoconiosis victims and their survivors. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. National Security Law, Statutory Instruments number,and of Regulates compensation to persons that are found not guilty under the Criminal Procedure Act. National Pension Act No. No foreign vessel shall engage in fishing in the zone without prior approval by the Competent Authorities of the People’s Republic of Korea and all vessels shall strictly observe fishing and maritime rules in force.

Statutory Instruments number,, and of General Provisions Chapter 2.