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Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of ARMY – DA PAM at Engineering AK Pam , 10 October and TMs. U. 2. DA Pam RESPONSIBILITIES: a. Army ranges and training areas in the Republic of Korea ( ROK).

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Model Policy Issued by: Use of the Command Climate Survey is voluntary for battalion commanders. Depending on the various aspects of the complaint and individuals involved, that lowest level commander may not be the immediate company 530-20 even battalion level commander of the complainant.

Are the following regulations on hand? Confidentiality must be maintained.

EORs assist commanders at the battalion-level and below in carrying out the EO program within their units. Organize or assist with training sessions that pertain to equal opportunity, unlawful discrimination, the Consideration of Others Program and the prevention of sexual harassment.

And 350–20 it on unit training schedule? Public LawOct 80 Month: Company commanders can administer the survey more often and can use additional survey instruments in addition to the Command Climate Survey. Are required statistical reports on EO progress and personnel being submitted as required and maintained on file?


This is a good time to ask soldiers for clarification on any survey results that are unclear. Assist commanders and assigned project officers in preparing and conducting ethnic observances and special commemorations. Are promotions, non-judicial punishment, discharges, reenlistment, and awards, being administered equitably?

Maintain, where appropriate, informal liaison with community organization 350-0 civil rights. Bear in mind however, that survey results are anonymous.

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If a complaint is received after 60 calendar days, the commander may conduct an investigation sa the allegations or appoint an investigating officer IAW AR It should emphasize findings determined as a result of unit command climate assessment.

Does the unit have the following policy letters displayed on the 350–20 bulletin board: Has the commander taken any proactive measures to identify any acts of sexual harassment that soldiers may be reluctant to openly report?

Are attendance records for all EO training being properly maintained? Confidentiality will neither be guaranteed nor promised to the complainant by agencies other than the chaplain or a lawyer.

Provide assistance to commanders and investigating officers in the investigation and resolution of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment complaints. Battalion level EORs will 3350-20 a current updated roster to brigade EO Office of all EORs assigned to their respective units by the 5th working day following the last working day of each quarter. The complainant will also state the equal opportunity basis of the complaint e. Serves as a resource person for EO matters in the unit.


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Prepare and assist the commander in the conduct of EO training. Assist commanders in the recognition of detractors from a pzm unit EO climate. Are sensing sessions or surveys being conducted to assess the EO climate within the command?

Continually assess the command climate through formal dw, interviews and accessibility to the unit. Recognize sexual harassment in both overt and subtle forms. Martin Luther King, Jr. EORs may not conduct investigations and are not trained to fully advise AR officers in the conduct of EO complaint investigations.

Conduct staff assistance visits to subordinate units. Recognize and assess indicators of institutional and individual discrimination in organizations.