tratamentos pré-germinativos e inoculação micorrízica. O cultivo de maracujazeiro roxo tem aumentado na. Colômbia, como resultado direto. Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f edited by John Ocampo Pérez, Kris A. G. Wyckhuys. About this book. Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims. Front Cover. Univ. Nacional de Colombia, – pages.

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They attributed this change to chlorophyll degradation, which is associated to the appearance of pigments, mostly carotenoids. Geographic variation in the pollination biology of Passiflora lutea Passifloraceae. Food color is due to the presence of pigments, among which carotenoids red and yellow compounds found in fruits, flowers, leaves, and animal fats play an important role.

En la zona de estudio los polinizadores efectivos de esta planta en el cultivo ubicado a msnm son X.

Fruit weight in this crop was observed to increase until 20 DAF Shiomi et al. Polar diameter was taken from the peduncle insertion scar to the opposite extreme of the fruit. High-Andean fruits are considered important for their domestic consumption and exportation potential. In effect, by means of two regression models, sn content was estimated as a function of: Among them, purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims exists, most of which production is currently exported, amounting 3, t intraded for an FOB value of U.

Carotenoid concentration was determined through the corresponding calibration curve, using b -carotene as reference substance.


cultivo de la gulupa en colombia pdf – PDF Files

In studying mango varieties “Manila” and “Ataulfo”, Ornelas et al. Pollination and fruit set in the yellow passion fruit. TacsoniaRatheaManicata y Distephana. The manuscript was prepared and reviewed with the participation of all the authors, who declare that no conflict of culrivo that threatens the validity of the results presented.

This parameter addresses dry weight increment per initial weight unit along a given time period. The ontogeny of gulupa has not been thoroughly assessed, while that of yellow passion fruit has been found to undergo transformations that alter the physicochemical characteristics of the product Vianna et al. J Ark Acad Sci. In this respect, Shiomi et al.

Se tomaron registros en la actividad de forrajeo en flores de gulupa en los dos cultivos. Valencia Late fruit growth, modeled by Avanza et al. Dry weight evolution was adjusted to a simple sigmoid Weber monomolecular model with a R 2 prediction value of 0.

Diversity of Colombian Passifloraceae: For each response, the best fitting model was chosen according to homogeneous distribution of residuals, higher coefficient of determination for prediction R 2 predictionand smaller Mean Square Error and PRESS values. Growth, development and maturation of the purple Passiflora edulis Sims.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f …

Three growing periods were identified: Estudios recientes chltivo cultivos de pasifloras en Colombia Calle et al. At about 20 DAF, growth rate starts to decline and continues very low until ripening.

Their short shelf life determines rapid deterioration of physiological functions, which affects fruit quality and makes it necessary to conduct characterization studies on the physical, physiological and biochemical processes that accompany the ripening process Andrade- Cuvi et al. This parameter was fitted by a simple sigmoid W Weber monomolecular model with a R 2 prediction value of 0.


Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia

Destructive samplings were carried out every seven days for a period of 16 weeks, starting on 7 DAF, and finishing on. Based on the model adjusted to fruit growth, it is possible to foresee that harvest can be scheduled on days 85 – 90 after an abundant flowering, since the equatorial and polar diameters and dry weight tended to stabilize. Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos; Finally, Rojas et al. Postharvest analyses were carried out on fruits collected at 91 DAF, which were weekly monitored for 21 days; that is, at 98, and DAF.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia – page 14

The sigmoid growth pattern of the Passifloraceae has been described by Arjona et al. Evaluating purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims f.

Among them, purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims is largely accepted in European markets. Carotenoid content determination followed the methodology proposed by Biswas et al.