A module for the IBM i (AS, iSeries) that enables you an easy conversion of print spool files from the IBM i to XML flies. – Spool to XML in seconds!. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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Qualified job name Optional Qualifier 1: CPF Necessary resource not available.

Convert IBM i (AS/) data and Spool files into XML

How CoolSpools software can help: I have times when a user will request that a report be emailed to them, rather than printed and sent to them via the inter company mail. Having a problem when I copy the spool file to pdf with overlay. This ultimately saves your time and money by moving your business away from paper-based documents filess by distributing information via electronic formats.

TIFF files as well. The 4-byte print control code is created. Graphics data is lost. Tom Liotta January 26, at 4: Just now reading this thread The licensed program code if different depending upon which release your server is running:.


CoolSpools can handle all of this, without having ot reopen your Excel document to manually amend it. But it does so much more than that!

Above article is good to a created PDF. CPF Copy request failed.

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Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created. Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Element 2: Some people have reported that they cannot post a comment using certain computers and browsers. CoolSpools can even split your System i Excel files into multiple different files based on criteria you specify — then send your System i Excel files to multiple recipients.

So, do you need to convert spool to Excel? It will facilitate efficiency and transparency across your organisation and help your business to meet targets and analyse your operation in a more efficient manner.

The newly copied data is added to data existing in the member. Scroll through the list of programs to find the following this is from a 7.

Convert IBM i | AS/400 | iSeries print files into XML

Required product option not available. CPF Not authorized to spooled file. Bob Cancilla March 26, at While there are still many of us who would rather read a printed document than looking at the same document on a computer monitor, the main benefits of CoolSpools are the money saved, the easy access you have to your epool files fjles the positive impact on the environment by refraining from printing unnecessarily.


The only valid values for this parameter are 1 through That is great to know.

Copy Spooled File (CPYSPLF)

Simon Hutchinson March 27, at 3: Find out more about this powerful System i spool file converter. Each assigned channel must have a corresponding line number to provide the correct positioning on a report. Checking the veracity of the data. Randall Ames March 31, at 8: The assigned line number for channel 1 is line 1.

But CoolSpools is no mere spool file converter. If this is you feel free to use the Contact Form to send me the comment and I will post it for you, please include the title of the post so I know which one to post the comment to.