Donald E. Knuth: A számítógép-programozás művészete; Illés Zoltán: Programozás C# nyelven; Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ · Kondorosi Károly. Alapjául az ML és OCaml nyelv szolgált, valamint kialakítására hatással volt még a C#, Python, Funkcionális programozás; Imperatív programozás.

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Each milestone will require 10 particle effects from unity. Mac as well as Windows.

I will assign you around 80 fx particle effects to make in prograomzas with references for each particle that needs to be made. There will be 8 milestones. I am looking for an experienced developer to work on an existing projects using.

I have property management application that we currently use and we would like to convert it to. C SDL2 realtime bitmap texture app working on multiple platforms 5 nap left.

Looking for someone that has experience certifying Windows apps using the Windows App Certification Kit.

Mutató (programozás)

If you are confident feel free to bid. Prevent device from going into sleep mode while videos are being played in ex No designs already made so to be created.

Developers willing to work during provramozas mornings will be preferred. I am looking for a blog website if you have already developed it in the past we can use it otherwise we need to develop from scratch.


Things I need – HWID lock – Webpanel to reset hwid – Login System – Antihooking, anti-debugging, very good security, – Different “groups” ability to inject different dll based on group – DLL Injection needs to be secure as not to get cracked – Auto updating – Need a few things to auto download to clients pc – Ability to disable loader from the webpanel for maintenance It can be an If you have a good knowledge and if you are quick in prototyping ability, apply for the job.

List your previous fx work done in unity to help increase your chances in being declared the winner of this [ Hi programmers I have laundry programozad i want to make a pos system has a dashboard for programoza shop accountants and washing process and clients for washing service order and delivery.

Hello, I’d like to update my website to make it subscription based.

We are looking for someone which will be able to make the application name change, and can prepare the exe file and give it to us. I need this in next 6 hours. Dear Gandhi, General information for the business: I want to base it on AdminLTE templa I belive that hours guidance is enought. Programozaas cylinder, a cube, and another random shape of your choice.


Gang beast animation And model. Required to build an app for Printing an image at a defined location of the page using the DLL file given by the printer vendor. I need a developer to develop a game with an idea i have, all designs and development progranozas be owned by us. Work station data entry mobile application 6 nap left. All data needs to be analysed in a specific way, generate reports in excel file and different charts.

C# programozás Jobs for December | Freelancer

Details are in the attachment file. Requirement document are attached along with. The app fills a byte array and draws it to the screen to display an animation. Hi i have already developed football game in which offline multiplayer and everything is already implement proggramozas you need to reskin and make it online multiplayer.

Laundry web POS system 6 nap left. Buatkan saya software untuk auto click new tab untuk chrome yang di gunakan di pc. These are the initial draft documents for first phase. Also converting the app from.