The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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Choosing the default is a good idea. How to Enable Automatic Refresh This uber-stylish tutorila well written guide walks you through the steps needed to enable Automatic Refresh in your apps.

Baer interviews the whacked genius that is David Book.

Comments I had a few issues with Chris’ plugins as well. My images do not show up in the app on the simulator. Welcome to buzztouch A quick introduction by David Book, buzztouch. I think that if you need to build a mostly informational mobile app, something that serves the same purpose as a mobile-optimized website, then buzztouch is a compelling option because of how easy it is to create the app and then update the content.

Fifteen Minute Video Tutorial: Android Studio + Buzztouch APK Compile

Mark Comments Sweet, appsolutely! Cheers Darrel Comments Thank you my good man!


Intercepting Menu Taps This document is an attempt to help you understand bkzztouch a menu-tap is processed so you can perform custom actions in some situations.

It only took me a few minutes to create an Android app from the source code, and it only took me that long because I had tutlrial provide a Google Maps API key to enable the mapping component I’d added the readme provided exact instructions on the changes I need to make it the code to use the key. Dave Comments Thank you Mark!

An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

Aurasma buzztouch integration take 2 inception From: I think I ttorial to agree with you about the speed! Tyroner Aspiring developer Posts: Find it better then Eclipse. Comments Nice instructive video, well done, thanks. Thank you Buzztouch Just wanted tutorail thank Buzztouch. Jul 22, location unknow So the app owner doesn’t need to recompile and update the app through the App Store or the Android Market in order to make content changes.

Buzztouch Scringo Integration BT 2.

Buzztouch Tutorials 3 http: Creating, Sharing, Selling This document explains the basics behind creating custom plugins, the Plugin Market, and the Plugin Package. May 12, Bilston – Engla There is a “Synchronize” option in the menu, but it doesn’t work the way I expect it to.


I haven’t tried it with Studio yet Thank you very much, Mark! Buzztouch — Update Buzztouch Tutorials 18 http: That would be helpful for debug.

Best Buzztouch Videos |

Comments Sorry for the double posting. All the steps to get Google maps working under Android are here and it was just updated in Jan, Create a debug keystore if you don’t already have one.

Susan Metoxen tutodial Evangelist Posts: Buzztouch Tutorials 12 http: Keep getting tutorisl Comments Loved the step by step got my app to compile. Also the tabbar attributes are in it. I haven’t tried using it with Studio yet.