The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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Buzztouch advanced splash screen plugin!! Adding jar’s is a different matter! I think that if you need to tutoeial a mostly informational mobile app, something that serves the same purpose as a mobile-optimized website, then buzztouch is a compelling option because of how easy it is to create the app and then update the content.

Buzztouch Tutorials 9 http: I haven’t tried it with Studio yet Creating iOS Applications with Buzztouch A learning program in a workshop format for instructing teachers keen on mobile technologies how to develop and build their own iOS applications for use with… From: From any app on the device, a tap on the custom URL myApp: Push Notifications for iOS – Detailed Instructions This very detailed step-by-step explains the necessary steps to configure your iOS app to use Push Notifications using the buzztouch control panel.

Cheers Buztzouch Comments Thank you my good man! Changing the Nav and Tab bar colors Use this tutorial from Sandeep to change the navbar background color, icon tint color and text color.

It’s very easy to follow and a great addition for game-centric apps.

New Users Welcome to Buzztouch! Thanks GoNorthWest for this great tutorial, got my 1st android app compiled 1st try. Hope it was helpful!

You need to use Google Play services to run Maps and Push notifications.

An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a busy few days and a bit of flu. Also make sure you have the Android 4. This is a fast paced 90 minute video with discussion around plugins, Xcode,… From: Is there anything that shows up in LogCat when you try to load the screen? Dave Comments Thank you Mark!


Keep in mind that it makes a copy of your project and stores it, by default, in the AndroidStudioProject folders. It’ll keep you busy. Mar 05, Saint Louis, Mi Comments I had a few issues with Buzzttouch plugins as well.

Best Buzztouch Videos |

Buzztouch Developers 5 28 14, 3 07 PM From: Even though I was casually playing with the system, I was able to create an app using several of these components buzztouuch under two hours. Loved the step by step got my app to compile.

Once it’s done importing, you’re likely to see an error related to this: Courtesy of Your Town Television Program. On the other hand, if you are capable of doing some IOS or Android coding, the native code provided by buzztouch could serve as a starting point for adding additional functionality: Mark Comments I had a few issues with Chris’ plugins as well.

Mark Comments If you guys can wait until early next week, I plan on doing a video that covers how to do a release vs. Jun 24, Oro Valley, AZ 1, Ensure plugins are either Android only or Android and iOS.

Fifteen Minute Video Tutorial: Android Studio + Buzztouch APK Compile

Handling Old Cached Data after an App Store Update See this document if your app is having trouble parsing old cached data after updating the app on a device from the App Store. Thanks Tyrone Comments Hi Mark. Buzztouch Tutorials 4 http: Aviary SDK Buzztouch plugin demo 2 using camera to acquire image and then editing it and saving to photo album. Even if your long-term strategy is to redesign an existing “desktop”-optimized website to be mobile-friendly as well, a buzztouch app could fill the void until that goal was reached.


May 12, Bilston – Engla Buzztouch Educators 12 4 13, 5 10 PM From: I’ll start a list of plugins I have byzztouch later tonight. Click the App module, then hit Next Integrating AirPush Notification for Android This is a great tutorial on integrating Airpush Push notification in to buzztouch Android Apps applicable to both versions 1.

Also the tabbar attributes are in it.

Comments Well done master of the Android world!!! Things You Will Need to Know Before Creating Apps Follow this guide to understanding all the necessary tools and parts and software you’ll need to make apps, it’s invaluable for aspiring devs. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. So, for the purposes of the tutorial, I just deleted them. Buzztouch Tutorials 11 http: Jul 04, Manila, Philipp And there are as yet no components that let you access device-specific functions like the camera or accelerometer.

So the app owner doesn’t need to recompile and update the app through the App Store or the Android Market in order to make content changes.

Buzztouch Developers 4 9 14, 3 10 PM From: The manual is included: If you guys can wait until early next week, I plan on doing a video that covers how to do a release vs. I have a slow connectionit will be found here: