Course Curriculum of the Department of Electrical and Electronic. Engineering. COURSE OFFERED BY EEE DEPARTMENT. EEE Electrical Circuits I. The department of EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) is nationally and Part time teachers are mostly the senior teachers of BUET (Bangladesh and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to. Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]. Please download the syllabus: Undergraduate Program · Postgraduate Program. Copyright © Rajshahi University Of Engineering And.

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Introduction to number systems and codes.

Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]

Structure and physical operation of JFET, transistor characteristics, pinch-off voltage. Loss of load probability and loss of energy probability.

Joint distribution and density. Phase rule, phase diagram of monocomponent system.

EEE Faculty of BUET plays key role in electric and electronic sectors in Bangladesh | The Guardian

Single line and reactance diagram of power system and per unit. Galilean relativity and Einstein’s special theory of relativity; Lorentz transformation equations, Length contraction, Time dilation and mass-energy relation, photoelectric effect, Compton effect; De Broglie matter waves and its success in explaining Bohr’s theory, Pauli’s exclusion principle, Constituent of atomic nucleus, Nuclear binding energy, different types of radioactivity, radioactive decay law; Nuclear reactions, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, atomic power plant.


Analysis and synthesis of digital logic circuits: Ohm’s law, continuity equation, Joule’s law, resistance calculation. Linear-series and shunt, switching buck, buckboost, boost and Cuk regulators. Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s current and voltage laws. By this time a main-frame computer was purchased and was set up in the computer centre. Through these programs new initiatives are taken to flourish the flow of education and to illuminate the technical aspects of the country.

In view of this, BUET should always update its curricula to match the demand of the age.

Passive and active loads and frequency limitation. Cost concept and classification.

Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology- [EEE Department]

One was Condensing Economizer for Boiler. Math-syllabuses of 1st year of all depts. History and development of Engineering Ethics.

Sampling switches, switched capacitor circuits including unity gain buffer, amplifier and integrator. In our time only around students all around the country got asterisk marks.

Applied Ethics in engineering. Adders, multiplier and memory system, arithmetic logic unit. Successive differentiation of various types of functions. Quality of knowledge we got is very good compared to international benchmark. Design for intercom, public address systems, telephone system and LAN.


Applications of time and frequency domain analyses: EEE department should set some programs for the development of renewable energy and fuel. Basics of conduction and convection: Three phase induction motor: Payback of the project will be syllabys.

Generator, transformer, motor, bus bar, transmission and distribution lines. Cost planning and control, budget and budgetary control.

Bio-fuel could be a very good solution to this extent. Architecture, addressing modes, instruction sets, assembly language programming, system design and interrupt. Direct detection and coherent detection, noise and limitations.