Unfortunately the L2 rules aren’t posted anywhere. Seems inconceivable for a wargame company wanting to sell games in , but true. We will post tournament resources, answer rules questions, and give strategy tips . Breakout: Normandy Player’s Guide. Menu Buy the game from L2. Buy Breakout – Normandy (Deluxe 2nd Edition) – Wargame from L2 Design in the clarifying and simplifying of the rules in the full-color, lush style of L2 Design.

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Most will want to use one of the internet dice rollers. The depot could not be placed in or traced to that beach, but the supplies could still be banked for use in buying an impulse.

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Mistakes and Illegal Moves: It is an allied air bombardment impulse and the DR calls for a weather change. The GM and Assistant GMs brea,out not be allowed to issue rulings on questions or rule interpretations for matches in which they are personally involved. The difference between the bids is divided by 2 and then subtracted from the higher bid with fractions rounded up.

An artillery unit can join in to support overrunning units anytime. Posted on 14Sep11 Updated on 14Sep What allied planners envision as a quick break through to the interior will soon bog down into a ten-week battle among the hedgerows characterized by some of the most bitter fighting of the war.

The river markers without bridges are used to mark successful Allied river crossings of boundaries without a bridge so that if they cross that boundary again they need not make a Mandatory Assault. Lastly there is Aide de Camp. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

To complete the Allied Aid package, Weather Changes…were made less likely by eliminating their occurrence during air and naval bombardment.

Beautifully illustrated rules book with extensive historical commentary and designer’s notes. These points can only be used for buying impulses and not for refitting units. Boardgame counters are 2l, unless noted. To breaklut out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In addition, during the course of 6, myself and fellow assistant GM’s did have to rule several times, so in the interest of consistency, I will post those rulings.

  EN 13201-3 PDF

Since Overruns cannot occur in bocage, any artillery that supports an assault into bocage cannot support other assaults later in the same Impulse. If a mistake is made, the player who received the illegal move has only two choices: As the din of the bombardment lifts, the first wave of landing craft turns toward the beaches, and the sounds of battle take on a new pitch as German defenders miraculously rise from the rubble to contest the beaches.

In some cases, it will be obvious that an impulse has ended, such as a naval or air bombardment. A “plus” sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition.

The magnum opus of designer Don Greenwood, the deluxe 2nd Edition has been upgraded to address play balance concerns borne of thousands of games played over a period spanning almost two decades. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Breakout – Normandy (Deluxe 2nd Edition)

All assaulting units in a failed assault become D1. In addition, if a dispute arises, the decision of the GM in consultation with the assistant GM’s will be final and the GM reserves the right to disqualify a player for deliberate or repeated illegal moves.

That said, nomrandy of below seems sensible or plausible to me so Brealout will refer to it in case of some dispute. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. This may also come into play if you have experienced a very adverse die roll of course, in actual play this hardly ever happens and are contemplating using the Advantage. I know that I get confused at times myself and I get more questions on bidding than any other area of the rules.


Yes 13 – Can units regroup from a Contested Area? On Order – Availability Unknown. Normandy was one of those classic games that basically got everything right from the start. This site uses cookies. Email required Address never made public. Normandy fan you will want this edition if only for the new rulebook.


L2 rules | Breakout: Normandy | BoardGameGeek

Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Therefore, it can protect other units moving out of its Area until such time as it actually moves.

Claiming that VP does not prevent brezkout Allied player from also fulfilling the “. Dual Combat System Realism: Lightly used, but almost like nkrmandy. However, in cases where there happen to be multiple fresh units in the activated area, it may not be obvious to your opponent that you have ended your move; so please try to do this in the interest of faster play. I have merely lifted these from the WBC Breakout page.

This, by the way, is not just an ad hoc ruling, but was fully the intent of the design. The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded.

The new L2 version of the game is known as Breakout: L2 Design Group surprised a lot of folks by producing a new version of the classic Avalon Hill wargame Breakout: The unit is fresh until it actually moves. For example, may the Allied player wait to see how an assault against Sword Beach turns out before declaring a Double Impulse to activate Juno Beach and assault Caen with the forces from both Sword and Juno?

The bombardment will do no damage to the D2 unit, but any APs inflicted will “slide off” and must be applied to other units in the area that are not yet D2.