District Statistical Hand Book, Kalahandi. Author, Orissa (India). District Statistical Office, Kalahandi. Published, Original from, the University of California. Kalahandi (locally pronounced Kalahani) is a district of Odisha in India. The region had a .. According to the census Kalahandi district has a population of 1,,, roughly On the other hand, Ghumura, Madali, Dandari , Dhab, Bajasalia etc. folk form found in Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Deputy Director (P&S) District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna . Govt. of India on behalf of ministry of Agriculture the “agriculture census” District Statistical Hand Book is a handy book encapsulated with data on socio.

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It has a wooden guest house so that one can spend some time to feel natural beauty and glimpse of nature and wildlife. It is the largest dam in eastern India which produces MW of electricity.

According to the census Kalahandi district has a population of 1,, [1] roughly equal kalahanxi the nation of Gabon [44] or the US state of Idaho.

During Bengal famine Kalahandi alone had senttons of rice.

Kalahandi district – Wikipedia

It is classified as folk dance as the dress code of Ghumura resembles more like a tribal dance, but recent researchers argue [49] different mudra and dance form present in Ghumura bear more resemblance with other classical dance form of India. Besides these, all are performing their duties in the working hour and as and when required by authority to achieve the mission. By crnsus this site, you agree to the Terms of Use diztrict Privacy Policy.


Expenditure for last year. The Head and Unit wise anticipated expenditure for is given below: Details of pay particular of employees. This backward phenomena despite richness of Kalahandi was called Kalahandi Syndrome by social workers. The project involves construction of 4 dams across the Indravati and its tributaries 8 dykes and two inter-linking channels to form a single reservoir with a live capacity of 1, The main function of the office was to provide Secretarial support to District Planning Committee The function of the District Planning Committee is to formulate the district plan, monitor and evaluate the plan scheme as and when required.

Nature of information Available.

Under this scheme data on health, water supply, income and expenditure, education in the local body area is collected with a view to bring out the publication of “Municipal Statistical Year Book”. Zilla Sangrahalaya or the District Museum, Bhawanipatna has different artifacts, manuscripts, paintings and many rare ecnsus from ditsrict age Asurgarh coins, Gudahandi paintings etc depicting ancient history of Kalahandi Redion. Regular monitoring, Supervision, inspection Field visit, Review, conduct of meeting and call for report return.

Name and address of the body.

In the mean time drought occurred in the s and lately in the s. Local demands for a railway factory is pending since last one and half decade. Politically, the district does not have much importance in state bokk national politics. Indira Gandhi visited Kalahandi in the early s; Rajiv Gandhi visited in ; Sonia Gandhi visited inand Rahul Gandhi visited inand Autumn, Winter and Summer.


File forwarded to concerned officer. It has two studios. Many tribal converted Christian do celebrate Nuakhai in the region. Y is called as Rastriya Krishi Bima Yojana is mainly intended to assimilate the affected farmers in the ambit of Agricultural Insurance Coverage.

Kalahandi district

Kalahandi hit the headlines in newspapers for the repeated drought situation that has broken the economic backbone of the cultivators. Details of Service rendered: To review implementation of Developmental Gook of District.

North, News – India Today”. Besides these, all are performing their duties in the working hour and as and when required by authority to achieve the mission.

Overall Kalahandi life is associated with music and dance. The number of rice mills in the district was around in the year — Now a day more emphasis is given on preparation of Annual Comprehensive District Plan.

Mango, Banana and cubage, curly flower, onion, tomato and turmeric etc.