Songs by Bodo Wartke. Artist Bodo Wartke. Bodo Wartke – 90 grad. chords 90 gradver. 1 Bodo Wartke – Ich trau mich nicht. tabs Ich trau mich nichtver. 1. Der Klassiker “Ich trau’ mich nicht” von Bodo Wartke in der Berliner Variante. Find a Bodo Wartke – Ich Denke, Also Sing’ Ich first pressing or reissue. Complete your Bodo Wartke collection. 2, –Bodo Wartke · Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht.

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Und zwar jetzt, denn – es ist sehr wichtig! You see his talent for crowd pleasing. I have tons more material, on his background, his appearances on television in a rhyming competition, on the state of cabaret in Germany today, on a whole host of imitators, and wwrtke other piano cabarettists. Honey, what do you say, shall we take a little walk in the park? And all that without photoshop.

I have not shared any of this obsession with this new found otaku friend before. Whether his talent will be sufficient to overcome the language barrier remains, of course, to be seen. Music ReviewsSelf-indulgences. Auf einem Schild vor mir steht: And even a word like CIA agent sounds much more elegant and charming than torturer. Du fragst dich sicherlich: Unlike most nerds, though, he has as much of a way with words bdo with the sound of language as he has with technology.


Das ist die Schlimmste von allen.

She is visually beyond compare. When the people walk their dogs, I fulfill my stony duty. The English is crude and ugly, while the German rhymes and alliterations keeps the crude content in check and the sarcasm is more clever than crude.

Hepzibah: Bodo Wartke

All the same, I love you. If I could talk, there would be no purpose. By the way, the typography of her backside is more photogenic than Jennifer Lopez. Sometimes they play that game in school for real. Die sperren mich ein! Nonetheless I love you. Ich versuche schon seit langem. I breathe it in.

For me that remark is an attempt to make him less than he is. But ever since the wall came down, and this whole new city and country have emerged, my loyalties are back with Berlin and with Germany and I would dearly love to go live there — at least for a time.

Bodo Wartke

At least for the moment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Oh man, was that hard on me. Oh Mann, wie macht sie das nur? Have I told you I snore really loud! Thousands have seen him perform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but I am trqu to what is available on YouTube for now. Otaku is Japanese for nerd — especially techno-nerd, which Japan has in great abundance. Und jicht und wieder schriebe ich dir Liebeslieder Du bist es, der ich all meine Liebe schenke.


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He first put this on as a one-man show, playing all fourteen parts himself, in Hamburg inand next year is taking the show on the road. Kaum kommt er abends von der Arbeit nach Haus, probiert er erstmal gleich den neusten Trend an ihr aus.

The problem is only that each time she comes from being with her father, I hardly recognize her anymore. Eine wie sie sah ich noch nie! Why did you have to go and ask me that question hicht now? What are you waiting for? You have a pollen allergy?

Comment te montrer mes sentiments? They listen constantly to advertisements telling them the food at McDonalds is cheap, delicious and healthy. Loveparade is the electronic street festival that was once held annually but got cancelled after one got out of control, leaving twenty-one people dead and injured in Duisburg in And then the ugly graffiti all over their cities.

You do what you have to do, despite the melancholy, somehow.

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