Blue-Eyed Devil (#31 on our Top Romances List) reading Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas’s first foray into contemporary writing, I was eager. Scenes of domestic abuse and the journey to recovery make Kleypas’s modern romance anything but fluff. A Wellesley grad and daughter of a. Blue-Eyed Devil Lisa Kleypas When Haven Travis defies her father’s wishes by marrying college boyfriend Nick Tanner, she is determined that.

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A man who came from nothing, and pulled himself up painfully.

Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

Instantly I got this strong vibe from her. Posted at Under the Covers Her name is Haven. Sure, he had his fun until she was ready, but boy does he use his experience well. For the most part Haven had my complete sympathy as I applauded each stage of her recovery, but she had an aura of entitlement that at times made her come across as a spoiled little rich girl despite her struggles.

Hardy might as well wrap her in bubble wrap and lock her in a padded room so nothing else bad can happen to her. Aside from that, I really liked Haven.

To sum up, a verrrry satisfying read. And also, PSA, not necessarily. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m an alien somehow, because I just can’t take how men’s behavior is portrayed. Also, the story ended way too abruptly for me and when things were finally coming together, felt rushed and left me wanting more of Hardy and Haven, especially more Hardy!


Hardy leaned on her for strength too. I absolutely loved Hardy and Haven together. Lkeypas previous book, Sugar Daddywas more of an epic soap opera, but provided plenty of background about the character of Hardy and where he came from. View all 28 comments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Terminology, ileypas and modern technology changes quickly, daily even. Two years later, Haven comes home, determined to guard her heart.

An event so unimportant you don’t even realize that you have accepted something you didn’t want too. As I read about Haven’s marriage, I felt this strange kinship with her. After an uncomfortable encounter with Nick in her apartment, Haven finally tells Hardy everything about her abusive marriage and he helps her discover the joys of sex.

I am a HUGE fan of her historical romances but her contemporary romances are nothing to laugh at. Blue-Eyed Devil was my first LK novel and it left me wondering, agonizing, why it took me so damn long to read her work.

This book was very rushed at the end and everything just fell together with minimal conflict even tho there was a crapton of buildup to it. She was a Travis so there were deil things you assumed about her. I felt like I was there, with my hands tied behind my back and my screams of warning falling on deaf ears.

Blue-Eyed Devil

Not by his smell, the way he kisses, the size of certain things? The lack of money doesn’t bother Haven as she tries to be a good wife to Nick. But Haven was not the sort of person I could see myself becoming friends with. Their journey to each other isn’t an easy one, Haven has made some bad choices in her life for which she paid in tears and blood, but I think it was necessary for her to become the strong woman she is in the end of the book.


Filled with Lisa Kleypas’s trademark sensuality, filled with characters you love to hate and men you love to love, Blue-Eyed Devil will hold you captive in its storytelling power as the destiny of two people unfolds with every magical word.

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From then on, they are together. Open Preview See a Problem? Haven felt passed from one patriarchal relationship to the next including her HEA. No person has the right to diminish or harm another person in any way. That’s going to be long, and it might involve a lot of cursing. This was so dvil better, though, as it becomes clear how very much he needs Haven even as we know that she needs him.

His arms closed around me tentatively, unlike his usual firm grip, and I realized he was trying to keep from hurting me. I kept wondering when Haven was finally going to say enough dwvil enough.