Biomimicry is a revolutionary new science that analyzes nature’s best ideas– spider silk and eyes, seashells and brain cells, photosynthesis and DNA–and. Biomimicry is the quest for innovation inspired by nature. In Biomimicry, science writer Janine M. Benyus names and explains this phenomenon that has been. If chaos theory transformed our view of the universe, biomimicry is transforming our life on Earth. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature – taking advantage .

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I enjoy reading all the gee-whiz almost-there projects that are going to supplant petroleum-based agriculture, naturd, and the like, any day now. I understood the basic concepts she was getting at, but some of the higher-level scientific jargon or in-depth explanations kind of deterred me from finishing it as quickly as I could have.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Can we use perennials, which are self-fertilizing and self-weeding, instead of annuals as food crops? Now we are just 20 years closer to environmental catastrophe. The section on storing our ideas basically focused on using a carbon based system instead of a silicon based system to “compute” ideas Oh, and there’s a TED talk.

So Benyus’s chapter on bio-medical research hunting for drugs in the rainforest – and even investing resources into preserving indigenous knowledge of which plants heal, etc. However, I once again started to feel bogged down by the overload of biology that went with the concepts. Her prose is vivid although she digs deep into technical detail on her subjects. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I ended up skimming a bit in hopes of just gaining the larger idea. Quill- Biomimicry – pages.

Science stands on its own, but choosing soothing words to support your ideas is putting the prop in propaganda. Want to Read M.benuys Reading Read. The book is split into several sections, each answering a question biomimicfy how we will tackle an obstacle janime our life if we no longer follow the inovation of a modern society, but instead follow only the rules of nature. Yet Benyus occasionally loses sight of the fact that the nature we see today is the result of 3. There is also a part about making materials like spider silk and rhinoceros horn.

Ultimately, what this book says is less important and blameworthy than its approach. That wording is the sort of institutional bias that runs rampant in this book, and in many other books and magazines in the future-utopia genre, and it never fails to irritate me, in exactly the same way that the phrase “unborn people” irritates me. Jun 17, Lizzy rated it liked it. Also, I’m an economist, and I was a bit miffed that Benyus only focused on interviewing “industrial ecologists” – a field I’m unfamiliar with, but that sounded a lot like environmental economics.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus

Innovation Inspired by Nature. This book was a revelation for me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Reading this book was depressing.

Because, let’s face it, we don’t always take care of things that we don’t own. Benyus is the author of four books in the life sciences, including Beastly Behaviors: Benyus Limited preview – Don’t get me wrong, this book was hard to read.


That said, I was dying for an update; most of this stuff is 20 years out of date. Before I read this book, the only thing I knew of Biomimicry was from a short film on YouTube that piqued my interest.

Books by Janine M. It discussed the way abalone shell and mussel byssuses are formed and how those could be mimicked. These are all questions that we will likely be presented with in the forseeable future if we continue to pollute and use resources at current rates.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Janine M. Benyus – Google Books

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Biomimicry is a revolutionary new science that analyzes nature’s best ideas–spider silk and eyes, seashells and brain cells, photosynthesis and DNA–and adapts them for human use. This is a must read if you are a designer, artist or lover of science.

Oct 17, Petite rated it it was amazing Shelves: Given that the reader continually harps on the high level of design and skill it takes merely to mimic creation, it is striking that she is entirely blind to the intelligence and skill it took inwpired create the same facets of plant and animal life that she views with such rapturous pleasure.