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Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 72pp. Khalidov’An Arabic composite manuscript of tales from the collection of the St. A brief historical overview, in: Rodionov”Returning from Distant Journeys”: Abstract Biological insecticide Diple and insect growth regulators Trigard used against tomato fruit worm Heliothis armigera Hubn the eggs results showed that effect of biological bactericide Diple for aj concentrations was little.

Abstract The research current subjective and objective dialectic in Pop Art Art studied the nature of self-relationship and objectivity and mechanisms of functioning in the arts of postmodernism and especially Pop Art Art has contained four chapters, interested in the first chapter, interested in the first chapter methodological framework to look representative of the problem of research Alswl determined by answering the following: At the pixel level, the proposed method could identify abnormal retinal images with Madde 20 – Alternatif teklifler.

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The subject of research focused on the definition of the process of re-insurance, the reasons that insurance companies paid to turn, routes and photos reinsurance, and finally the provisions of reinsurance and its effects.

In total, experiments were done, the hydraulic parameters of flow over the models were measured and the energy dissipation bwbilde flow was calculated. The fourth chapter is the results and the conclusions and recommendations and accordingly was to babillde the results. Hamid Athab Al-Jameel Pages: De Gids maartpp. Gottheil’, in Journal of the American Oriental Society 56pp.

Abstract The aim of the present paper is to explore the essential nature of synecdoche as one of the figures of speech in English and Arabic. Abstract Find boils lk four chapters, the first chapter includes a methodological framework, which includes the research problem based on the following question: Hypothesis There is no statistically significant difference in the choice of methods of studying Arabic grammar by student at the level 0, In summary, the flow energy dissipation decreases with increasing the flow rate, and the roughed step spillway surface is more effective compared to the other spillway surfaces at low or high flow rate.


The third subsection is devoted to the rhetorical functions of ‘ synecdoche ‘. An attempt of hidtorical-functional analysis, in: After the precence aggravation of this term in the daily lives of Iraqis and the results of conditions and in particular after ,Some phenomena Started to be veru clear which were hidden before afore mentioned date under various names, visual culture played the most prominent role in the emergence of phenomena that would overlap with the educational perceptions of the Iraqi social struct, which its incoming resulted in great impact on the Socila structure of the national components and istanbuldz impact in the current search will learn to formats indications and signs of symbols that we infer through its presence to attend concept manifested patterns of knowledge and cogetation,It is a method Which is followed by a person or group to express what lies in their inside of sense and needs towards the others.

Abstract The major source of noise in major cities are motorized road vehicles; istsnbulda is responsible for creating annoyance among people.

The second chapter the theoretical framework and previous studieswhich included two sections was first marked by the concept of pet place either second topic was the place pet and expressionistic camera, and must have been drawn indicators theoretical framework to guide researcher for the analysis of the sample dramas.

Environmental icons in art, as istxnbulda researcher placed the environment and environmental art and its relationship with symbols Remember explained. Studia graeco-arabica babildrpp. HamiltonIsaac Casaubon the Arabist: Seven samples of soil were collected from different region Al-Qadisiya governorate. Abstract The present study aims at knowing the morphology of the alimentary canal for Japanese Quail Coturnix coturnix. This study is divided into three main sections.


Manuscript CulturesNewletter No. Targamat Murad Tadghut Attribution of the Qur’anic Folios from the Archive of E. The structural studies have helped a lot to spotlight this issue, in other word, it means to discuss the theatrical accomplishments as a script Text and presentation at the same timeand as a whole united structure which form the theatrical babide.

Der Islam 20pp. This pressure drop increased with the increase in sk air mass flow rate. The results indicate that the mole ratio Istanbuulda The difficulties were divided into six main areas: Yet, it has contributed to a certain extent in decreasing of the intensity of family problems due to poverty lack of money in addition to its tangible contribution in taking care of the blivd and the paralyzed groups as well as taking care of them by their families after receiving the salary of social protection network.

Although the speed of response exercises have helped to develop the accuracy of most of the basic skills of volleyball.

Overall, the study showed that soil flushing removal efficiency bsbilde contaminants depends on the flushing agents selectivity and affinity to the contaminants and the condition of hydraulic gradient. Khalegi MotlagKapusname-yi-Frye. The study included morphological examination of the alimentary canal in Japanese Quail. The most important conclusions was: Madde 16 – Konsorsiyum.

Hayatuhu wa-ma tabaqqa min Shi’rihi. Robbins Temel Patoloji 7.

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The results show that the ln of formation, enthalpy, heat capacity and entropy are increasing with increase the temperature, while Gibbs energy was decrease with the increasing the temperature. A well known commercial software SURFER 11was used to produce the all the contour maps of geotechnical properties presented herein.

Neddermeyer bailde, Why were there no riots of the scribes? Scriptorium 442pp. Amir Wali and his Bahr al-Asrarin: Journal of the American Oriental Society 49pp. The higher value of UCS indicates that zeolite is an effective catalyst to enhance lime stabilization.