AZ Edit Programming Part 2. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Listen key is paired to the Talk Key and can be manually turned on or off. Many intercoms have AF on all. View and Download Telex Azedit software manual online. Telex Azedit Software: Software Guide. Azedit Software pdf manual download. WARRANTY INFORMATION. RTS products are warranted by Telex Communications, Inc. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of.

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The AZedit check box is only selectable if trunking has been activated. Under RY’s, the input side is changed to “ANY” and the output is the port the radio is connected to, that way anyone talking to the radio port automatically closes the Relay. In azedir large-scale intercom system, the possibility exists that you may accidentally assign the same name alpha to two 2 different resources.

GPI Out 3 The Party Line is renamed. The Input Port Alpha is the recognizable name the user renamed the port.

Telex Azedit Software Manual

When you make changes, the maual items are highlighted in yellow. The entire setup page for the intercom is copied. Indicates that Setup Restrict is checked.

Page Listen Source field.

AT – Auto Table. The CD contents appear.

For other resources and options, the quantity is primarily limited by the amount of available memory in the master controller. The Setup Browse window appears for you to choose the setup you would like to open. Typically, merge is used with partial setup files previously saved using partial save. Search for this panel opens the Search Status Screen Search for panels with this key assignment only available when a key assignment has been made opens the Search Status Screen Note: Select File Merge from the menu bar in AZedit to merge two 2 setup files.


From the File Name drop down list, select the file that will load for example, test. The Add or Remove Programs window appears. This guide is intended to get your system up and running with the most basic configurations. For more information, see Application Preferences Window on page All the ports highlighted in the port column are de-selected.

The Description column displays a short description of the party line.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version PDF

PL list becomes highlighted. All Call activates all the talk keys to the left of it. In AZedit, the number of UPL’s is set in the configuration of the matrix “options” intercom configuration.

Page The Alpha field displays the number of the Alpha currently being displayed. From Options menu, select Communications. To expand More information.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version 4.0.0

The windows uninstaller runs and AZedit is removed. If so click Connect on the main toolbar. Use the XPT Inhibit button to restrain a crosspoint closure between the port currently being viewed and the port selected.


Select Authentication Create Shortcut from the menu bar to create a shortcut for AZedit on the desktop.

IFB requires specialized equipment and is not generally used.

AZedit part 1 – The Comms Guy

The Communications screen closes. Page 20 When a talk or listen key is on, a red dot will appear above the key. The larger the intercom system the more RAM is required to run the software effectively. On the other hand, if you have a multi-frame ADAM intercom system, AZedit will still display all of the resources that are configured to be available in your system. Select Options Intercom Configuration from the menu bar to access the Resources window. Page To set up keypanel keys to control talk and listen for non-keypanel devices, do the following: Danger This alerts you to things that may cause.

A warning message appears. Some external audio sources may provide output levels that are higher or lower than what is required for the intercom system audio input. The changes are made to the screen.

You can print the configuration information for the view you are currently viewing.