Death and the Maiden. By Ariel Dorfman .. GERARDO: I hate to disagree, Roberto, but in my opinion, the death penalty has never solved any of the—. Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden is a moral thriller about a woman, Paulina, who believes that a stranger who comes to her home is the doctor who, under. Death and the Maiden study guide contains a biography of Ariel Dorfman, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full.

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Imagine what would happen if everyone acted like you did. She had cunning political instinct, upon which Peron grew to rely. That blackout on the gun-wielding Paulina is a case in point.

Death and the Maiden’s haunting relevance

It is an anc much like the ones he will conduct in a professional capacity, but the process also has strong implications for the couple putting their own personal demons to rest. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The dictator was no longer in power, but his influence, his disciples, his anr shadow invaded every aspect of political life.

In the published play, Dorfman asks for a mirror to descend so that the audience can see itself while a spotlight picks out one playgoer after another. Death and the Maiden is a play by Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman. The Commission dorfmsn investigate crimes but nobody is punished for them?.

Retrieved December 22, from Encyclopedia. My goals were far more modest. Because he frequently alludes to time, Gerardo comes across as a desperate and ineffective peace-keeper.

A documentary, produced in the tyewhich is still banned in Chile to this day. Home Arts Dirfman magazines Death and the Maiden. Her husband, a lawyer in charge of dormfan commission investigating the deaths of thousands of dissidents under the previous regime, must defend the accused man because without the rule of law the transition to democracy will be compromised; if his wife kills that doctor, the husband will not be able to help heal a sick and wounded land.

Roberto Miranda Gene Hackmanwho has earlier rescued Escobar, stranded on the road by a plot device, drops by in the middle of the night to congratulate Escobar or perhaps to soften him up in case his name should come up in the hearings.


Paulina Salas is a former political prisoner in an unnamed Latin American country who had been raped by her captors, led by a sadistic doctor whose face she never saw.

Death and the Maiden (play) – Wikipedia

Both Paulina and Gerardo perceive the considerable dorrman exerted by the former military regime, but they differ in their ideas of how justice can best be served under present. Royal Court Theatre London. Maidrn from reviews of the premiere productions and interviews with Dorfman, there exists yet little criticism of Death and the Maiden. Reyes, Carlos, and Maggie Patterson. A stranger named Dr. Death and the Maiden is a play fundamentally concerned with memory, exploring the relationship and occasional conflict between personal and institutional memories.

Reviews of the Broadway production were less enthusiastic, but critics differ on whether the weaknesses were the result of failings in the play, the performances Glenn CloseRichard Dreyfuss, and Gene Hackmanor the direction maixen Mike Nichols. Gerardo Escobar Richard Dreyfuss is a lawyer who has been named to a commission, with minimal power, that will investigate charges of wrongdoing—very wrongdoing—in the past.

Paulina has suppressed the worst details of her incarceration.

The Best Books of The Australian premiere production of Death and the Maiden took place on 16 December Since her ordeal, Paulina has also stifled a great deal of anger, which surfaces with the opportunity to exact revenge on the man she believes was her primary tormentor.

Broken Glass Arthur Miller. This action seems to suggest that she ultimately rejects the idea of an eye for an eye. Her body language, according to stage directions, is submissive and reveals that her primary goal is survival.

Consequently, they also differ in their notions of how both individuals and society at large can address their painful memories of the past and what, exactly, can be done with this knowledge. He repeatedly reminds Gerardo of his place on the human rights deatth and that it is his duty in that capacity to command his wife to release Miranda. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.


Undoubtedly, her more personal resolve is the product of her abduction and torment, which Gerardo seems to find almost unfathomable on a personal level, despite the nature of his work. Susie Porter played Paulina with Eugene Gilfedder as the man whose voice might be his undoing.

It had one reading and one workshop production prior to its world premiere. Escobar finally sides with Miranda and feeds him information, which he may not need, for the confession Paulina demands. Miranda prepares to leave, promising to pick Gerardo up the next morning and help him retrieve his car, but Gerardo insists that Miranda stay the night. Gerardo is ill at ease until he opens the door to admit Doctor Roberto Miranda, the man who earlier drove him home. During the night and the day that follows she will have to confront that fear, she will bring to justice in her living room the doctor she believes is responsible for having tortured and raped her years ago.

It was not something I had anticipated, this planetary weight and import, when I wrote the play in Santiago. The three stars, all of whom have done admirable work else-where, seem simply to be going through the motions of performance.

His wife, however, believes that while the new government calls itself a democracy, many of the same men who were part of the dictatorship are still active in the government.

In he became a professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolinawhere corfman maintains a part-time residence.

While it is the tendency of most theater critics to compare the work of different playwrights in order to give their readers a point of reference for a particular work, this has rarely been the case in the published criticism of Death and the Maiden.

Written By Jose Avilez. I can’t help but ask if 20 years from now I will be writing this phrase all over again: