On Fridays at the Buddha Center in Second Life the sangha has been learning about and discussing aspects of the Angulimala Sutta. This talk arose from the. ANGULIMALA SUTTA. uyyojanna. parittam yam bhanantassa,. nisinnatthanadhovanam;. udakampi vinaseti,. sabbameva parissayam. At that time in King Pasenadi’s kingdom of Kosala there was a robber named Angulimala. He was fierce, with bloody hands, engaged in killing living beings.

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Angulimala Sutta – Pali

At that time venerable Angulimala was a dependent on morsel food, a forest anguliimala, a rag robe wearer and confined to three robes. At that time venerable Angulimala was seated close to the Blessed One, and the Blessed One stretched his right and said, to king Pasenadi of Kosala: Then king Pasenadi of Kosala was shivering with fear and his hairs stood on end.

The Buddha made the choice, interdependent on his own dispositions, needs and culture to ordain Angulimala. Choices interdependent on culture, context and dispositions; choices whose determination have a firm foundation in moral acceptance and situationally ethical actions. This is an evidence that the Compassionate Buddha could convert a robber, who was killing thousands of lives, to become a saint who could save innumerable lives of mothers and children.

King Kosala publicly notified that the royal army was going to annihilate the robber. Ethically, as Buddhists, we must strive for an Appropriate View of each situation, while holding to our Appropriate Intent. If a stone was thrown, it hit venerable Angulimala.


O recluse, even a band of ten, twenty, thirty forty, or even fifty people going along this path were killed by this robber Angulimala. At that time he destroyed complete villages, complete hamlets and even the state.

Intro Movie Buddha Center. Yet there is a robber suttw my kingdom, by the name Angulimala, fierce, bloody handed, without compassion for living things. Indeed it is wonderful, people come along this path in bands of ten, or twenty, or thirty, or forty, or fifty, they all got into my hands, this recluse comes all alone, without another, may be he thinks to overcome me.

The Angulimala Sutta

Then after the alms round and after the meal was over, venerable Angulimala approached the Blessed One worshipped, sat on a side and said to the Blessed One: Let us recite this discourse of protection. These students engage in a campaign of lies and manipulation to cause that same arising in the teacher. That very paritta discourse has the power to accomplish the labour of child-birth healthily. So the Buddha advised him to perform an oath of truth by declaring that he had not intentionally killed any life from the time he had become an Ariyan monk, This is a magical means for saving both lives of the mother and the new child.

This is why it is pragmatically useful to engage a sense of situational ethics in these decisions. But the Buddha performed a miracle so that the chasing robber could not catch up with the slowly walking Buddha.

And usually it works well. The Buddha made the choice to walk into the forest of Jalini and to engage with Angulimala. So he anfulimala to cut the last finger from anyone he saw that day.

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When the robber saw the Buddha, he changed his mind from chasing his own mother and attempted to seize the Buddha. He used skillful means to get King Pasenadi to publicly state his intention to do no harm to a disciple of the Buddha. By this truth may there be well-being for you, and well-being for the conceived foetus”. I will throw away demerit for good, hearing your words enjoined with the Sugta.

The Blessed One performed such a psychic intention, that the robber Angulimala pursuing the Blessed One with all his strength would not reach the Blessed One.

Buddhist Sutra – Angulimala Sutta

He did so, and the lives of two beings were saved by this paritta. Then king Pasenadi of Kosala angu,imala the Blessed One worshipped, sat on a side and said. Having done many actions leading to birth in hell, touched by the results of actions I partake food without a debt.

Then venerable Angulimala agreed went to Savatthi approached that woman and told her. One day Arahanta Angulimala saw a pregnant woman in difficult labour of child birth and reported the condition to the Buddha.

If you were to see him like that, what would you do? At the time he leaves for the university at Taxila he is that laudable person.