Amos Oz Poveste Despre Dragoste Si Intuneric PDF – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. O carte captivanta. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric [Amos Oz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roman magistral, detinator a zece distinctii literare, . Opera lui Amos Oz este tradusa in peste patruzeci de limbi. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric a primit zece distinctii literare internationale, printre care.

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Ituneric liked how the people were real people. The book is a conglomeration of stories. It was a wise decision which not only redeemed the governer but subsequently secured his brother Mikhail’s survival.

He becomes deadly serious, plain-speaking, loses the lyrical caricature and instead touches a raw nerve that he’s purportedly left buried for decades. Preview — Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric by Amos Oz. I only began to understand years later. So I stopped reading after a couple of chapers. The major story is of Amos and his parents. Een moeder die er niet in slaagt haar eigen duisternis te overwinnen.

The book was mostly well-written, but I didn’t like the way the author jumped around in time and incident. Then I stare at it from different angles, still not entirely satisfied, and take it out again and replace it with another word, or try to fit it into another niche in the same sentence, then remove, file it down a tiny bit more, and try to fit it in again, perhaps at a slightly different angle.

Quando o pai do Amos Oz vai para a cama emocionado com o que acabou de presenciar.

Poveste despre dragoste și întuneric

Or at the beginning of the next one. A family saga and a magical self-portrait of a writer who witnessed the birth of a nation and lived through its turbulent history. Para mim este livro assumiu esse papel.

Maybe the Arabs were being stirred up to hate us. Oz is a skilled writer with a facility with vocabulary and word play. Q9 Favorite Passages 3 13 Nov 16, Friendship includes a measure of sensitivity, attentiveness, generosity, and a finely tuned sense of moderation.


Aren’t we intunedic just fumbling along. Interspersed with the tale of his family is the story of wi founding of Israel, of the UN mandate, and the wars with the Arab states. It’s an autobiography structured more as a series of anecdotes than a straight narrative.

[PDF] ‘.pdf – Free Download PDF

There were stories about his family that were entertaining. He possessed a quality that is hardly ever found among men, a marvelous quality that for many women is the sexiest in a man: And there were other books that were bound in cloth-covered cardboard, stuck with a glue that had a wonderful smell. Maybe it was the wrong choice to start off with.

And ssi given person is both wonderful and terrible. I came to know intimately, and care for, his parents. I liked reading about what it intuuneric like as hey waited to hear if they would get to be a country. Really cares enough to pay attention. It offered a rather interesting reading-curve. I’m sure it’s me, not him, but life’s too short. Open Preview See a Problem? dragostw


There are gems of truth to be found in this book. Trivia About A Tale of Love an Some family members with very illustrious careers like granduncle Joseph while others, notably Amos’ father, Yehuda Arieh Klausner, led quiet lives of depre ambitions. I remember as if it were yesterday how your mother came out with this strange sentence, that if you open up someone’s head, and take out the brains, you see at once that our brains are nothing but cauliflower.

This book is not yet featured drayoste Listopia.

Seemed like all the notes the author didn’t put into his novels. I also learned a lot about the painful childhood of Amos Oz who wanted to grow up to be a book and later states, “I killed off my father” referencing his decision to change his name to Oz. I wanted to enjoy this book, but I really found a lot of it to be slow, particularly the out-of-sequence flashbacks.

It didn’t like what we were doing here in the Land of Israel either, because it begrudged desprd even this meager strip of marshland, boulders, and desert. The method workks for what I think Oz is trying to do, describe himself and his family in relation to the time and place they traversed, the ending of the Jewish world of Eastern Europe and the beginning of the Jewish world in Israel.


At any rate, historically somewhat interesting but there’s gotta be an easier read to learn about this period of time. In the end, I loved the book because of the brilliant writing and the sad, tender story of his childhood. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. People can be killed like ants.

I finished it because I am compulsive and I was interested to learn a little more about the politics during the early years of Israel. Quotes from Poveste despre dr My great-uncle Joseph, full of love and self-pity, vulnerable and craving recognition, brimming with childlike merriment, a happy man who always pretended to be miserable or My grandmother Schlomit arrived in Jerusalem straight form Vilna one hot summer’s day intook one startled look at the sweaty markets, the colorful stalls, the bleating of intunerjc, the ituneric streets full of the cries of the hawkers.

There was some, but more than anything,the book is a collection of events in the life a a boy who was trying to While there is some great writing in the book and some very colorful characters, the pages did not flow. Bovendien is het geen gemakkelijk boek, door de vele verwijzingen naar joodse intelligentsia en politiek.

Even Chopin or Shakespeare: He is merciless to his father, ddspre his relatives in general, to himself, but it is all clearly with the warmest of feelings. The book was an interesting persepctive of the years before and after the founding of Dravoste.

I’ve herad that this is his magnum opus. Nobody in our neighborhood ever died from consumption or unrequited love or idealism.