Amor en la tarde (Serie Hathaways 5): SERIE HATTAWAYS – Ebook written by Lisa Kleypas. Read this book using Google Play Books app on. Amor en la tarde (Serie Hathaways 5): SERIE HATTAWAYS – Ebook written by Lisa Kleypas. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, . Reseña: Amor en la tarde – Lisa Kleypas. Resumen/Sinopsis: Aunque ha asistido a varios actos sociales en Londres y posee una belleza.

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The ambitious young beauty would much rather stay at home and plot out her new board klejpas business than take part in the London Season. There is definitely a serious note to a very charming novel.

Amor en la tarde / Love in the Afternoon – Lisa Kleypas – Google Books

Books by Lisa Kleypas. All she could feel was his need, his fear, and his vulnerability. And when she was loving someone she was utterly devoted to him Beatrix has pretty much always been my favorite Hathaway sister.

The letters exchanged between Bea and Christopher were touching and filled with longing, reading ,leypas moved me.


I’m also delaying because this was the amir of a wonderful series, and I feel like I’m leaving a bunch of good friends behind, and that makes me a little depressed. Beatrix Hathaway has always been an animal lover, and that passion carried over to humans. It would be very hard for me to recommend one book over another, or one character over another, but of all the Hathaway sisters, it was Beatrix who won my heart.


This is a great, lovely and passionating story Why in the world would you want to read this book? There were so many, but this one brings a smile to my face each time I think of it: If not she, however, then who?

lsa Beatrix is the Hathaway sister I wanted to read about the most, and her story was so wonderful! Kleypas realizes this, and as a result, doesn’t make the letter-writing charade the central figure, but instead truly makes it a love story about Christopher and Beatrix finding one another, both literally and figuratively.

They bring Bennett back to their house and try to help him recover. Open Preview See a Problem? Another superb book by Lisa Kleypas, and worth every minute. Captain Christopher Phelan was a man kley;as by war. Tho my cats will NOT approve. Oct 20, Didi rated it really koeypas it Shelves: Her descriptions of the setting stimulate all the senses in a delightful way.

She’s such a fabulous character, accepting every person for who they are, being patient, observing carefully what they need.

Amor en la tarde (Love in the Afternoon)

The Christopher sent dn at the end of tarrde war a decorated hero is a drastically different man than the one that left. In fact, I’m off to scatter flowers and skip through meadows for a bit. But I do love all of them. Christopher’s skills and formidable leadership earned him a Captaincy but two years on the front has left him physically and emotionally scarred, haunted by the loss of friends and compatriots.

Her devotion to animals, her family and Christopher in the same order; Although there could be a tie between her beau and family is so darn sweet. He was a soldier on the war and he was a man that Beatrix dispise So much so that although this is book five, I have decided to back track to read book one in the series.


If you haven’t been reading Lisa Kleypas, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Has the She harbors a secret yearning.

You can feel each one’s personality as a tangible thing. We already know he loves Beatrix, and she loves him, but the shift is startling after his reaction to the deception, and I think it might lia worked better had the author skipped the middling part altogether and just transitioned right into the joy of discovery.


Beatrix at times could be hard-headed but she also knew when to step back and see the bigger picture. Lysette Kersaint, una resuelta criolla que huye de un padrastro que la maltrata y His eyes were brilliant with unspent kletpas.

And Christopher absolutely detested being regarded as a war hero–he grieved for the lives that he took in battle. I want to say that I hated Pru with a klsypas passion. Beatrix is an adorable heroine who takes care of wounded animals and wounded spirits.