IFA Functionality. The new Personal LAB additionally feature is the functionality. Technical Specifications. The reliable platform for your automated microELISA . Software Characteristics. Work protocols , Unlimited. Protocol management.

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No, it is not possible. Host afaltis protocols are available in the Service Manual, and via our Service Centre service adaltis. What is dead volume for calibrators, controls, samples and reagents? Detection for clotting, bubbles and insufficient volume during pipetting.

Can I view the Timeline for each test? Its versatility combines the perfect instrument for the most demanding laboratory, next to laboratories that make first steps into automation ofmicroELISA routine.

Can I setup different kinds of wells flat, U, V? The new Personal LAB provides you a daily high performance in constant speed adalti will play a central role in making your working routine increasingly efficient. The bar code reader is uses the sample loading by sample strips for correct functioning. Details available via our Service Care Centre info adaltis.


Adaltis S.r.l. – Personal LAB

The mix is about RPM or which kind of shaking is performed? Search the Frequently Asked Questions.

Trough a special key into the registry, it is possible to do it. Details available via our Customer Care Centre info adaltis. For this reason the bar code reader and sample strip loading is a fixed combination item MVPL Open system for accommodating maximum flexibility for varying testing needs. Is it adzltis to close the programming of CLIA methods? Is possible edit calibration curve, removing some calibration points?

It is possible to use the CLIA function in semi-automatic mode. Following combinations are possible in one platform: Sample Tubes the Dead Volume: Level sensing on all instrument liquids and —buffers loaded on the instrument. These options can be added after the purchase. Innovative applications with both hard- and software modules, give you the unique advantage of processing quickly, reliable and noiseless, 2-microplates independent in a flexible assay environment with user-friendly interface.

Zero carry-over by using disposable tips for sample pipetting. Multi-assay processing is ideal for Personal LAB in addition to small-to mid-sized sample testing. Maximised precision and efficient pipetting by using uL tips and uL tips.

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No, it is not possible to see it with workbench software but we are developing new software and we will add the timeline. Flexible loading dock for accommodating: The new Personal LAB is the fully automated 2-plate microELISA processor, which embraced state of the art technology, high-level specifications and durable performance on a compact footprint in a beautiful persohal Italian design.

Instruments FAQ’s Frequently asked questions and other information about your product.


Modern software applications enable remote support and diagnostics. The outer surface of needle is coated with Teflon. The software allows to pwrsonal a calibration curve previously done and to use it in order to elaborate another run. Accommodating fully barcoded reagents inventory.

Information about suitable downloading the product guide of the instrument.