Besides, the Corvette that Chevy unveiled at the Detroit show last month, and which goes on sale in targa and convertible forms late this summer, is hardly . The gear linkage of the six-speed manual transmission has been updated for shorter throws and a more precise feel. View 20 Photos title= The suspension got a. You can download for free this exclusive Corvette User Manual for more information about the car.

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Total Coupes – 26, Total Convertibles – 10, Where the C5 Coupe had weighed in at 3,lbs, the new C6 Coupe weighed just 3,lbs. R Corvette Race Car. GM Safety Recall No. Learn how your comment data is processed.

General Motors Recall No. The Chevrolet Corvette The new Corvette is redesigned with a new engine, exposed headlights and the first navigation system offered in Corvette.

For both the coupe and convertible models including Corvettes equipped with the Z51 optiona number of other first-time options were presented to consumers looking to purchase a Corvette including General Motors useful OnStar system and an optional XM satellite radio.

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Production Statistics and Facts

Your email address will not be published. To stop all of 2050 steel and rubber, larger brakes were also included in the model year.

In addition to the tires, the Z51 package included upgraded springs, shocks and anti-roll bars. Overall, the C6 measures 5. Here are the specifications for the Corvette: Independent; upper and lower A-arms, transverse composite monoleaf spring, tube shock absorbers, antiroll bar rear: While the end result may have proven to be aesthetically pleasing, the decision was made only after it was decided that such a change would forvette a technical improvement in the design.


Find pictures of the hottest classic and current-year Corvettes.

Corvette Specifications | HowStuffWorks

The “Vehicle Identification Number” also VIN or serial number is stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield. The all-independent suspension featured a setup that was reminiscent of that found on the C5but featured entirely new components.

Instead, a large engine-start rocker switch took its place. The Tremec T56 manual transmission received a revised linkage with more-positive action and an inch-shorter shifter. The doors received electric latches corvdtte pushbutton door releases on the inside as well as an exterior press pad in place of the door handle found on the C5 for access to the car from the outside.

The Corvette was not initially offered with a solid, bright red exterior. Apr 26, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Even tighter were the C6 Convertible with just Five inches shorter than the current car, the Corvette cuts a tighter, more taut profile 2005 with virtually no loss of usable space. For the first time sincethe Corvette was again available with an optional power top.

Drivers Information Center Switches Inoperative. Arguably, some of the most radical changes took place under the hood of the car. New for the Corvette were inch front, and inch rear wheels.

The C6 Corvette produced impressive performance numbers from the very start. The new LS2 engine produces horsepower and lb. More impressive still is that it produced the same amount of torque at slightly lower engine rpm.

Position Character Description 1. See Figure 1 below. Even the Z51 setup was more refined, providing drivers with a smooth, civilized ride on most roads. It is the largest most powerful standard small-block engine ever offered in Corvette. You had those peaked fender shapes. Independent, upper and lower A-arms, toe links, transverse composite monoleaf springs, tube shock absorbers, antiroll bar.


Naturally, the dimensional changes to the car would bring styling updates to the Ckrvette as well.

2005 C6 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

Its purpose was firmly tie the door-hinge pillars to the center chassis tunnel. After the door is closed, the window firmly snugs up against the convertible top for a firm seal. Type of Restraint System. A new power cinching latch for the rear hatch makes it much easier to close than the C5. How the C7 Corvette Works.

The LS2 engine was lighter too, weighing some fifteen pounds less than the LS1, thanks in part to the installation of a smaller water pump, a specially designed aluminum oil pan that took a quart less to fill but still ensured superior lubrication — even at during tight corneringand thinner-walled exhaust manifolds. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

See what Consumer Guide has to say.

2005 Corvette

Speed sensitive, magnetic-controlled, hydraulic power-assisted, rack-and-pinion. The audio and climate panels were reworked and featured fewer buttons.

The brakes were also more stout, with